Friday, May 31, 2013

A New Direction

These past few weeks... Or is it months now? However long it has been, Dumah has been less prominent in my life. Of course it doesn't last. I am an idiot to have held on to any hope of It actually staying away.

Around 4 PM... I refuse to say what timezone... I felt this... Shivering force. I turned around and found It about a foot away from me, with It's tendrils out. Been a while since I have seen them. Been even longer since I felt them...

The reminder was extremely unpleasant. It choked me... I am hoping to find something useful from the experience, but all I remember is the cold of It's touch. And then waking up in the middle of nowhere. In the woods, naturally.

Of course Roland was only somewhat concerned, as he seemed to think I was kidnapped again. But that idiot's opinion isn't important. Analyzing the situation is. Or perhaps, could be, as I suspect it is a pointless endeavor.

My theory of it's pointlessness is backed up by yet another inconsistency. It appeared and It attacked. No standing, no waiting... No electronic interference.  Why? Who knows.

What is interesting is the fact It didn't kill me. Morningstar's threat two posts ago comes to mind. Perhaps I am in no danger of being killed at all. They just want me to suffer? Perhaps I can use that? Or perhaps they simply want me to do something exceedingly reckless, and laugh as I die horribly. As always, I will err on the side of caution.

That said, we have a new strategy to put into play. I cannot say more, as I would prefer Morningstar and Fracture and... Anyone else reading this not know.

Now... I think I should mention my current medical issue. I at first believed I suffered a mini-stroke of sorts, as Roland's description of me, following his awakening, seems to fit the bill. I also clearly had a seizure prior. Now I am suffering from... Amnesia of a sort. Not entirely unexpected given the cliches involved with those running from It and It's ilk. The Memory loss is rather specific though. Everything my last post mentioned is gone. I have no idea what I was talking about, aside from what I could infer from the ramblings...

As I see no harm in asking... Care to shed some light on my situation Morningstar? You seem to be more heavily involved than I thought originally, so... Care to be helpful?


Looking over this post, I am a bit... Confused. I was attacked by Dumah today. Earlier, yes, but that has happened before and my responses tended to be more... Distressed and confused. Now this could just be me getting jaded about the whole thing, but I'm not sure that's how this works. I can overlook nothing and can assume nothing. So why am I so blase about this? Or... Maybe I am just paranoid.

Goddammit I hate this...


  1. My hypothesis is there's only so much stress you can take before your worry valves burn out and need to recharge.

    Bear in mind I'm not a psychologist.

  2. Agree with Med. You seem very stressed. Explains the mini-stroke somewhat; the person that can make you suffer the most is you. Just rest but be prepared.

  3. Wait, wait, wait. You are asking ME for clues? Giving me a chance to be all enigmatic and shit. Answering with.. Like... Cryptic statements and shit. The Owls are Not what they seem and shit. HA. HAHAHAHA.

    Oh Wow. Oh. Oh Wow. This is awesome. I have never done this before. I... I don't know if I can. Yeah... I don't think I can. I am flattered, but... Really. That is more Nightscream or Traitor fucker Redlight's thing. I am more... Direct, usually. Like... Drive a car through your wall, kind of direct.

    But... Uh... Since I am so flattered, I guess I can tell you this much. You are a HIGHLY sought after man these days. I know some people who want you REALLY bad. So, I wouldn't stop at a McDonald's to order what I think is a Double Cheeseburger with... Ketchup? The red sticks out. AND HEY MAN, ARE YOU NOT A DOCTOR, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING EATING A MCDONALDS???

    But yeah. Be a bit more careful, because you never know who is sitting outside in a stolen van. Watching. Also is that Dr. Pepper you are drinking? Because I find that highly amusing. The Doctor drinking Doctor Pepper. Hehehe.

    1. A "no" would have sufficed. No need to be nasty to Echo.

    2. No need? You sure about that?

  4. Father does like to play with his food. I don't know that I'd consider myself safe if I was you.