Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yellow Eyes. Yellow. Black Mouth. Black Innards. Self sewing back together. Little Strings of black stitching. Finer than any silk. The Head is reattached. The burns are disappearing. Even as water pours out of the wounds we... I inflicted. He is a walking corpse. He is Azoth. They are Azoth. Azoth is so much more than I could have possibly imagined.

They are in darkness, under moonlight and stars. Black Coats and white knives beckoning me forward. Soon now, so soon. The chattering of the things inside them, pulling strings. Guided by the Violet Light. Just go with them. We must just go with them and see the end of this. I'm tired. I quit. Why even bother anymore? Why? Why do we all resist.

Safety in death. Purpose in death. Mind. Sound. Silence. Quiet. The Brute in the Quiet shall feed. It. He. Father they called it. Maybe mine now?

The Red. The King. The Piper. The Jester. The Queen. The Gardener. The Fire Witch. The Pattern Juggler. The Keeper of the City's Keys. Lock. Key. Opening Eden. Swallowed by Silence. Power of a Dead God. Godhood.

It makes so much more sense now. I saw behind the curtain without context but now... Now I see. Dancing Lights beneath Gods. Above Quiet. The Valet of God. The Attendants of God. Brilliant flashes of beautiful, horrible lights of every color and more. They are eyes, ears, life and soul. But without a vessel, impotent. He is a vessel. That is why. The Yellow Eyes. Amber in the sunlight. Father of Monsters, not of blood, but of spirit. They do not know death. They write the laws we all obey, and thus are not bound by them. They rewrite them when it suits them. Yes...

It makes so much more sense now.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Waste of Time

Useless. Wasted trip. There was absolutely nothing to be found in Uriel's shop and even less in the nearby buildings. Except, you know. It.

You know... You know I think something is a bit wrong with me lately. I screamed at It when I saw It just standing there and he... Just watched me. I know... I know he watches everyone like this but... Usually there is not something ELSE going on in the background that he is a part of. Furthermore it... It isn't staring with a hunter's stare. A hunter admires his quarry to a degree. Respects them in a way. This isn't like that... No. This is... Like a Person with a pet. Oh Look master I run, jump and hide and beck and call. I even play with the other pets from time to time. Did you enjoy me barking all sorts of sounds at you master? I know you did.

I shouldn't have though. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. For this complete and utter madness that is. Roland tells me that nothing is wrong with me, that I am not acting out of the ordinary but I swear, I swear I am less... Focused. I think? I don't know anymore. I just... I know something is not right with me. I can prove it. I simply have to look back at the older stuff on this blog and I can see the change. Pointless to ask what caused it. So much has happened. So little EXPLAINED. Questions, questions and vague worthless excuses for answers from CLOWNS and PSYCHOPATHS.

And I know it is becoming more apparent to others. Despite what Roland keeps telling me. I am not fine... He tells me it's stress but it is more than that. We ate at a diner yesterday and people kept giving me odd looks. I thought we might have been in a Proxy town or something, but no. No they were just people. People looking at me. It's funny when you think about it... I remember their eyes watching me but... The rest of their features are blurred and formless. Reminds me of It. Maybe It does have a face, maybe it did... But what we are seeing is a living memory of some faceless stranger in a crowd. Which is all It is really. It is every faceless stranger we've never met. Every scheming, wretched individual hiding behind those formless faces in the depths of memory.

You know maybe that is what Proxies are for... Does It Itself know It exists? Is it aware of Itself? Or is it merely aware that we are aware? If so, what would happen if no one was aware it existed? Would it simply cease to be? But how can something cease to be? It has to go somewhere. It came from somewhere, but where? No. It was always here wasn't it?

Someone speculated this before of course. They received no concrete answer, because no one knows. No one can answer. Not even It. Stupid pointless speculation, how does it live? Does it even have a concept of death. Does it know what that is? It comprehends yes. It comprehends so much but it... It doesn't comprehend in the same ways we do. Maybe it can't.

Where do the Others fit in? The Doctor, the Rake, the Archangel. Nearly Two Dozen, nearly more. Smoke and heat in an empty void, locked in the dreams of a dead city. A Garden and it's Keeper. Mirrors mark the path in the belly of the Mother of Serpents. Water devouring Soma flows through the veins. Knowledge from the Blank Pages of a black, endless library.

Something hungry deep inside. I need it. Ever hungry. Ambrosia. Parched of thirst. Soma will quench it. The Violet and Yellow lights clash with one of deep Red, flecked with Amber. They speak in darkness, under moonlit skies.

The people in that diner saw something was wrong. I know they are right, but I don't know how to fix it, or how bad it is. Roland is the only thing I have to keep track of my mindset, outside of this blog. Useful. He has become very useful. Strange for someone so moronic.

We're going to have to continue driving. I think I'll go back home and see what happens. Nothing better to do. Best to be somewhere familiar, I think. How is everyone else?

Sunday, June 16, 2013


We arrived today at our destination. I will not give a more precise location than Virginia. Roland tells me this is his hometown, which makes sense. We have followed the return address on Morningstar's package here, and that package was sent by Yuri Polzin. Uriel. And Uriel was the one who sent Roland to me... For whatever reason.

We located the building the return address indicates. A recently closed down old Fortune Teller's Shop. The building is connected to a larger more warehouse like building. I am willing to bet that is where Uriel is. Now thus far, we have scouted the area around it, and no sign of any Pale Men or particularly suspicious people. This likely means they are good actors, sneaking around disguised as ordinary people. Psychopaths like Morningstar, dressed up all nicely to hide what they truly are.

We intend to enter it about an hour before this goes up, so expect an update tomorrow if we make it. Hopefully we will have captured Uriel... Now, he appears to be one of those Strange High Level Proxies. They tend to be able to do unusual things according to most accounts. Electricity has worked in the past on It, so I am willing to bet it will work on Uriel... Maybe the jolt will keep him from Pathing Out.

Suppose I should discuss my little talk with the Purple Piper. I gathered this much, he used to be a servant of one of those Things that I have seen be nicknamed "The Rake." Now he is worshiper of his "King" who Med fingered as possibly being a proxy named Redlight. Given the fact the "Court" of this King was adorned in crimson, and the fact Piper mentioned "our blood soaked colors" and that his King "took the crimson mantle up," this makes a lot of sense. More on that in a bit.

The most important bit I got out of his dramatic monologues was what he seemed to indicate my role in all this is. At least for his group's plan. Evidently the King is not as powerful as those Creatures, but knows of a way to even the playing field. Then he said something about a Fire Witch and said I was part of some plan for the King to bring himself to those Creatures level. Obviously I am still missing something as this does not explain why It and It's servants have not killed me to derail this plan. I would assume the Oathbreakers might be in it for the same reason as Piper's Group. Power of some sort.

As for this Redlight proxy, I found it difficult to learn much about his original appearance due to that blog's deletion and resurrection and deletion again and replacement of the writer with a new one. Various other accounts exist of him and from him, however, including a very brief appearance in Morningstar's own blog. Then he died, it seems. Of course nature abhors a power vacuum, like would have been caused by Redlight's demise, and so a new one showed up. New Redlight kept busy for a while, but dropped off the grid for a little while outside of some very select places.

Based on everything I have learned... I really hope he has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. In fact, I don't actually think he does. Look at the evidence. Every other plot he has been involved, he has been very, very open about who he is, and his involvement. This would be extremely out of character I think. Unless that's the point, in order to draw attention away. I simply cannot be sure unless someone who knows anything can confirm it.

I suppose even then it could be a lie. Fuck.

One other thing to discuss. I decided to mix portions of the various substances I have acquired. Azoth, Aqua regia, Hydrochloric Acid, Cuprite, Orpiment and Calamine Lotion. I will be frank in saying I am not entirely sure what it created. I did a very small bit of testing and, despite the high acidity of Aqua regia and Hydrochloric Acid, the compound was not acidic in the slightest. I dipped a spoon in it and it came out fine. Med reported that she tested Hydrochloric Acid on Azoth before and it had "adverse reactions." I noticed no such thing with my test, though I did add the Hydrochloric Acid last. Perhaps one or more of the other substances are causing the inconsistency. End result of all this is thus a strange thin black fluid. Much thinner than Azoth... Not as... Chunky. I'll play with it more some other time. Maybe force Uriel to drink it and see what happens. Wonder if it is a poison, but if so, why not just use something with more common ingredients that doesn't require mixing together.

Questions, questions and more fucking questions. It would be nice if someone could explain things to me in a clear concise manner, as I am clearly an idiot or something.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Purple Piper

Imagine waking up unable to breathe. Ears filling with a shrill tune as you open your eyes and see two empty black holes staring down at you, atop a maw filled with a white-blue light. For just an instant it appears that clutching that flute are two pale hands with long talons, raking themselves across the piper's flesh as he finished his tune. Then as you sit up, gasping for air, you see not the face of some horrific monster, but that of a cheerful man adorned in regal purple. Then he utters the words "Good morning my friend, how have you been faring?"

That is what I awoke to and the my first thought for a response was to leap from bed and run to the door. Only to find I could not open it. The Piper spoke again. "No... No Come now (My Name) you needn't be afraid of me. I am your friend here, as are all of my group. We are your only true friends out here, looking for your well being."

I asked him what he wanted.

"To apologize for our beloved Gardener's past behavior. Morgan is a cruel man, but we are not all like him. His inclusion was a necessary evil... But I am also here to try and make up for our, rather extreme reaction to finally having you safe within our home." He offered a sincere looking smile.

In response I said "You mean imprisoning me until your King could return and do whatever it is all of you plan to do? Are you going to tell me what it is you actually want from me?"

"My friend, calm yourself. I admitted locking you up like that was extreme... But it didn't really matter in the end did it? The Attendants still came to drag you off to their little space between worlds. If anything our protection should have been more extreme. Then perhaps you would not have subjected to that truly awful experience. Do you remember?" He seemed legitimately curious.

I answered. "I am not entirely sure what you are talking about. I remember you imprisoning Roland and myself and then I remember waking up on the floor of a motel a month later."

"I see. My King thought you might have blocked that memory out. The body has extreme reactions to such raw, unfiltered stimuli like that. Things man was never meant to see, and such, my friend."

I asked "So... Are you perhaps willing to answer my questions on all this?"

"That depends on the question, but I am here to try and... Soften your view on us."

"Alright. Answer this then. Who and What are you?"

He smiled a mischievous looking grin. "Once I was the thing in your closet as a child. The thing every child fears when they hide beneath their covers, oh so very aware of that faint little... Creak coming from the closet door. I would sit their hunched over in emulation of my former God, basking in the abject terror of the little child. Then I would play my music and watch as their tiny heartbeats slow to a crawl. Emerging from beneath their bed, or from the depths of their closets, I would press my lips to theirs and extract their sweet, delicious breath until not even a whisper remained in their tiny lungs." He did a twirl and began playing a pleasant tune from his flute. "Afterwords I would go out and join my brothers and sisters at the feet of our God, dancing and singing, howling at the moon and playing my merry little tune... I was a Maenad. Now a servant of a true God. A God of Men, of Mortal Kind." He bowed.

More than a bit disturbed I said. "That may have been too much information... What God did you serve and what God do you now serve?"

"My former lord was the original. The source of all those tales of creatures in the night, lurking just outside of the campfire's light. And when that light is extinguished he would come for his prey, singing sweet songs into their ears, caressing their cheeks even as begins to feed on them. With gnashing teeth and raking claws digging into sweet red flesh... My current God is both deity and King however. He has shown me my error in serving a beast, a false God who sees us as prey or little more chess pieces in some cosmic game. A game mind you, we intend to put an end to permanently." His tone for most of this was jovial, but darkened significantly towards the end.

"Raking claws? You could have just outright said It's name."

"It's name sirrah? Oh no, no, no, no, no... That disrespectful little nickname is one given by It's prey, not by Itself."

"Fair enough... Who is your 'King' and why does he want me?"

"A God in flesh. One who walked among us men, who knew of our struggles and plights. Who was raised by the servants of The Tall Pale God... Born as a toy of The Poison of God, he who is Malkira... One of your chief tormentors in fact. The Yellow Eyed Man. Like the Cyphre boy, my King was one of Malkira's toys. But unlike the broken and mad Cyphre, my King had focus and purpose. For a time, he denied his true calling, seeking to aid mankind... But those he deemed his friends abandoned him, one by one, he came to accept his destiny as our Lord and Savior. Adopting the role he was given by Malkira, he took the crimson mantle up and made it into something more. Something greater than Malkira and his fellow attendants, something greater than the Beast God or the Tall Faceless God. He became a God of Men, and opened the eyes of many others. Myself, Dr. Adler, Morgan, Rhodes, S... Scribe Theta chief among them. Eventually we were even joined by that Jester, a being older than any of us. Further proof of my Lord's divinity and power." Thus he finished without actually answering either of my questions.

"So... Does he have a name? And more importantly, what does he want with me?"

"Divine though he may be... Powerful, yes. But the Faceless God, the Beast God, The Diseased God... All and more still have more raw power. But our King has a cunning plot that will even the playing field and wipe the Black Chess Pieces from the board, replacing them with our blood soaked colors. You, my friend, are a part of this plan. There is something far older and stronger than the Faceless God, in a place where Fear itself dare not tread. The Knave knows the way, but will not open it until the Court has been called to session. That is why we need you. You will be the final member of our Court to dance in the warm glow of the Fire Witch. To unlock the stored power within her once beloved's shell, so that our King may claim it and the heavens."

I nodded slowly and carefully. This Piper is not of a sound mind. "So... The Attendants everyone keeps talking about. Who are they?"

He shuffled around for a moment and had a sour look on his face. "I cannot stay here for far longer. The Attendants know of my interference. My King is blocking them, but they are many and he is one. Soon they shall sneak past and drive me off... As for their nature, think of them as... Parasites and Angels. Crafted from the fragments of creation, born into this world as the heavenly host of the Evil Gods. First came Michael and then the rest. They are wicked creatures. Bored and mischievous, with far seeing eyes and feet that do not heed distance. Many once held cults in the barbaric ages before the Romans. Zalmoxis is one of interest to you. Uriel, the Light of God, the most active nemesis of my King. But there are others. Malkira, the Poison of God, once known as Kemsyt the Priest, now known as Samael. Father of Monsters like Morningstar. There is also Ramael, Lighting of God, Born into a Dutch Man o' War coming from Africa, bearing a Prince in Rags. It was he who massacred the arrogant men and women who attempted to rest control of the Faceless God's Cult from it's faithful. Finally there is Heylel, the one who ferried you from The Grove and took you between worlds. His is a sad tale, as he is a friend to Man. We had hoped he might join our cause, but alas... He feels my King is more Evil than his Gods and siblings. A fool."

Irritated, I told him. "Could you perhaps speak in shorter, less poetic sentences? Get to the point? I thought you said you did not have a lot of time."

He sighed. "My deepest apologies sirrah. Tis just the way I am... Alas, it is time for me to depart, and I do so with one last nugget of advice. The compounds you acquired... Dump them. Dump the King's Water and the Spirits of Salt, Blow the Cuprite and Orpiment to the wind. But above all, be rid of the Azoth. It is dangerous beyond anything you know. The Azoth is the key to Uriel's plot. Be rid of it, or you risk undoing all of our work... Be wary (My Name) Marsh. Your trials only just begun." He played a shrill, painful sound from his flute, causing me to wince. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.

Despite what he said, Roland and I have no intention of dumping everything.... So. Thoughts anyone? I had to really strain to remember every word of those monologues. He was even more long winded than Morningstar... I myself have plenty of thoughts about this, but I am going to hold off on saying them until we find Uriel. Perhaps that will be more enlightening.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


It has been a fairly eventful couple of days. First thing is first. We mailed off Morningstar's pills to the... Address you sent Med. I have absolutely no idea when they will get there.

Second. I went to the post office identified as the drop off point for Morningstar's package. The package was laying outside covered in Yellow Paper Stars and Operator Symbols like some deranged Kindergarten art project. Beneath all the doodles was a box, and in this box were various vials of varying substances. One of which, labelled Spirits of Salt, is almost certainly hydrochloric acid. The other vials were labelled "King's Water", "Auripigmentum", "Cuprite" and "Calamine Lotion." There was also one empty vial labelled "Azoth."

More importantly however, there was a return address here, as well as the name of the Sender's. "Your dear friends, Yuri, Gabe and Samuel." Yuri. Yuri L. Polzin. Uriel. Someone who actually knows what is going on. And now we know where he is. So our next course of action is obvious.

But as obvious as it is, there are equally obvious risks involved. When we saw Uriel last, he was with the largest group of Pale Men I have ever seen, and there were utterly trashing the Oathbreaker's Asylum. This likely means that Pale Men might be hanging around Uriel. But we already captured one Proxy. And really, the only other option is to continue running away, and that has not been working out so great. 

Roland of course agrees with me. This is the most obvious course of action. The only thing we can really do that might have some effect on our predicament.

The Azoth we acquired from Morningstar has yielded little in the way of results. I have poked and prodded it in every way I know how, but there were no new results. I listened to it, but it did not speak. Roland suggested I try to boil the Azoth. Will it become steam if I do? What effect would Azoth have in steam form?  How would it feel?

It is fortunate I had the foresight to save some of Morningstar's Azoth. I filled up the empty vial with it. I now have a full set of... Whatever it is these substances are for. Med reported that Azoth has adverse reactions to Hydrochloric Acid. So how would it react to things like Cuprite and Calamine Lotion. Why Calamine Lotion? 

... I will sleep on it, I suppose. 

Monday, June 10, 2013


I decided to post this AFTER we were certain Morningstar was dead and buried. For all those concerned about him coming back from the dead again, know that I shot him in the head, drove him off to a predetermined location to decapitate and then burn his corpse. We then dropped the remains into a river. Bottom line is, he is dead.

You know, I think I should be feeling some measure of guilt for killing a person. But it really felt like putting down a rabid animal. Besides, he made incredibly easy to dislike him and want him dead. So in a way I suppose... I actually feel rather good about this. It is a pleasant feeling.

Naturally I looked over his corpse for anything useful. One thing stood out. The bullet wound was bleeding black. Complete black. I don't think there was a drop of red in it. I will have to be thorough though, and it is a bit premature to say with certainty, but I suspect this is the substance known as Azoth. The blogger Med has written an excellent post detailing her findings of Azoth, so I shall link that in lieu of parroting essentially the same information. Assuming this is Azoth, I will attempt to... Play with it and see if I can learn anything new about it.

In terms of the interrogation, Morningstar only gave one more interesting statement before his time ran out. He remarked about needing to pick up something from a "drop off point" at midday tomorrow. Said drop off point was a post office, so this will serve two purposes. I intend to see what it is the proxies are doing, as it may involve us, and, assuming I receive a mailing address via E-mail, I will send Med the pills I took from Morningstar, as she requested. He clearly won't be needing them anymore.

Now. I am deeply bothered by something. Morningstar did not escape. He was not rescued. There was no escape attempt and no rescue attempt. There are multiple possible reasons for this.

1. He is expendable. While I assume this is true to some extent, he seemed a bit too involved in whatever is going on. This hunt for me. I don't think they would have simply let him die like that.

2. They don't know where we are. Also unlikely, as I am positive they know our movements. All of them. Or at least, I am going to work under the assumption that they do. That said, we haven't had a visit from the Pale Men in a long time, nor have we seen any actual Proxies outside of Morningstar's group. Perhaps Morningstar was the only one who knew where we were? But then why didn't his group try to rescue him? Theoretically it could be that they don't know our current whereabouts. Again, I doubt this highly.

3. There was an escape attempt, but it failed. I am on the fence about this one. Morningstar has shown varying levels of competence on his blog before. Failures are as common as successes usually due to his own psychosis and quirks. It could be he tried to escape or an rescue was mounted, but it failed so spectacularly that we didn't even notice. Stranger things have happened, and to our credit... We have been very careful.

4. This is all part of some elaborate plan. This is the one that I think is most likely. Everything else has been part of someone's plan, be it Magog, The Court or the Proxies. Perhaps this a bit defeatist to say, but I don't think we turned the tables quite yet. So maybe we should try and kidnap someone who likely doesn't want to be kidnapped. Maybe... Well if we could ambush Morgan perhaps we could catch him. Or we could go seeking out Yuri Polzin and see if we can't capture him. Both clearly know what is going on. Downside is it might attract the Pale Men and the rest of the Court. Morningstar seemed very... Scared of The King. So we'll have to plan this out very well.

Think I am going to bed now. Will be nice to have sleep uninterrupted by that annoying little fuck.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Chance

To be honest with you all right now, I am deeply unnerved. Not by Morningstar or Dumah, but rather the lack of anything happening. I was sure a rescue attempt would be made on Morningstar by now. They have always known where we are at all times before, so I suspect they know where we are now. But Morningstar has not attempted to escape. Not REALLY tried I mean. He has given the bare minimum of resistance and makes only a token effort to escape. No sign of Dumah either. I know It does not seem to care much for It's servants, but It has intervened on their behalf before, according to what I have read up on. Now would be an excellent time. But nothing is happening.

Withholding Morningstar's "Medication" is having some clear effect. He is not smiling and laughing anymore. He is constantly glaring, and prefers to answer our question with snarls as opposed to jokes and stories. This has lead to a few interesting little statements from him though. Usually mutterings to himself.

"Stupid Lucky fuck." "Wish they would hurry it up." "Just do it already."

I wonder if he is referring to me as a "Stupid lucky fuck." I can't see why, mind you. But he was definitely staring at me when he said that.

Hurry what up? And who is that directed towards? His team seems likely, but at the same time the next statement "Just do it already" sounds like he wants me to kill him.

Taking Incognitos advice into consideration, we began to refer to him as "Luke" and asking a lot of questions about his parents. The responses were usually snarls, or threats of a more direct nature than his previous ones.

He did answer a question about Morgan's group. The Court. He said that they were "Traitorous fucking psychopaths" going on to mention Morgan as an Ex-Timberwolf, and then discussing a "Carol" who is an Ex-Oathbreaker, before slipping into a rant about "That fucking Doll" and "The Rake's Pied Piper." He then insulted my Uncle's memory and then started hurling insults directed at "Rhodes." When I asked him about their "King" he got quiet for a minute before telling me "Don't talk about him. You really, really don't me to tell you about him." I told him that I do. His response:

"Their King is Evil inside a human meatsuit. One of the Attendant's failed toys. Guess that makes us related, eh? Sammy, Sammy, Samael. Dear Old Dad's most mischievous son and proactive toymaker. But the King is evil, evil and VERY dangerous. Shit. He is the main reason your situation is so fucking out of control. You are not the first either, though he went by a different name back then. You are however, the most important to Father and my Uncles and Aunts."

"Father and my Uncles and Aunts." His "father" is Dumah, so does that make the likes of the Good Doctor and the Archangel example of "Uncles?" If so, I DESPERATELY need Morningstar to explain why. But of course he became very tight lipped after that aside from occasional random swearing.

I kept pressing him for a reply of course. He eventually gave one that answers precisely nothing. "Old uncle Silas knew." Which is both useless and probably a lie, as Silas would have told me if he knew anything. In addition, the fact he is dead now makes it impossible to tell either way.

Morningstar has one more day to live. As useful as he has been, which is to say not very, I will be very happy once he is dead and buried... Well actually we probably won't bury him. Waste of time. Shoot him and let him rot. He deserves worse, but he might actually enjoy it if I tried to torture him.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Limited Progress

First and foremost. Kelevra and Sanna's comments on the previous post have made me rethink my strategy here. I still need information, but Morningstar cannot leave this room alive. Can't risk it. I think... The tenth. 12:00 AM. He will die. I will not allow him to escape and kill any other people, not when I have him here at our mercy. Odds are few people would be this fortunate if he managed to escape again. Of course, I am not going to tell HIM this.

Morningstar's annoyance is clearly growing and he seems far more melancholy. We have acquired a bit of information, though it's usefulness is unclear. For one thing, Morningstar demanded that he be given his medicine. Among the possessions we salvaged from his coat, was a bottle of pills, and fortunately for him I did not immediately trash it. So I asked him what the medicine was for. He told me it was "None of your damn business" and that if he doesn't take a pill every so often, it negatively effects his personality.

Vague, but likely close to the truth, as when he had kidnapped us, I did see him take medicine during a point where he became a bit less talkative. Of course, I did try to find out exactly what medicine it is. The pills themselves are in a Tylenol bottle, but are clearly not themselves Tylenol. Small, red and oval. No markings of any kind. I have examined them as thoroughly as I can, and they are... Strange. Holding them in my hand left small black stains that took a session of intense washing to remove. I think I am confident in my assertion that these are not approved by the FDA.

The pills are possibly a way to get to him, so I figure I would ask him more about them. He remained annoyingly vague about them, but implied that they are not used by most proxies and are specially made for him. When I asked him by who, he said it was "One of Father's Attendants" whatever that means.

I am still considering withholding them, because his blog has shown several of his personality changes, and absolutely none of them are helpful. Perhaps even less so than his current "Stable" one.

But on to the information about our predicament. He told us that he had already given out several hints, and that I should have guessed at least part of it from my involvement with Magog. He then told me that everything is connected. He listed off The Pale Men killing my Uncle Silas, his kidnapping but not killing us, the Archangel sightings, Uriel and the Pale Men's attack, followed by our rescue and imprisonment by The Court. He said "The dots are there if you would just freaking connect them."

Two things are clear from this. Morningstar thinks I am an idiot for not connecting these dots. This probably means the solution is incredibly obvious. The second thing that was clear involved how he said a certain pair of words. "The Archangel." The manner in which he said it sounded sarcastic. I will be pressing this particular point hard. If I am reading him right, he thinks that entity that looked exactly like Silas, who is dead, carrying a sniper rifle and sometimes wearing a gas mask and long coat, who also started appearing immediately after Timberwolves stole our computers, is NOT in fact the Archangel. I should be relieved, but I also suspect Morningstar has no idea what he is talking about. I don't know of anything else it could be.

I have already pressed him to elaborate on these easily connected dots, as I am "Clearly a moron."

He said "Well... The dot trail CAN get confusing a bit in the later parts. Especially since that ignorant amateur Magog blundered into all this with only the dimmest idea of what was going on. Yeah. You were REALLY fucking STUPID to go with him. Forced everyone to rearrange the pieces on the board and act a way too openly. Serves us right for assuming you were fairly smart."

When I asked him who "everyone" was, he just rolled his eyes and asked "Who the hell do you think?"

Obviously him, Uriel, and The Court. Maybe more, maybe not...

That about covers it, unfortunately. Going to try again tomorrow. Withholding the medicine for as long as possible. Anyone have any advice to speed this along? Or pick up on any details I might have missed within the information he has given?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Role Reversal

Despite myself, I am truly enjoying this. It has only been a bit over two days since we decided on this course of action, and we have already succeeded...

I can only assume this is a trap of some sort. But at the same time, this is too good an opportunity to pass up and I... Can't help but be a bit giddy about the whole thing. We have Morningstar tied to a chair, completely at my mercy. We merely doubled back into the city we found him and those various others, and searched for any sign of his group. Then, early in the Morning, we happened upon him standing around outside near an alley, looking around and checking his phone. He clearly didn't see us, so we very quickly tried to run him over. As expected, he noticed us and jumped out of the way. I believe I heard him say "What the Fuck Man" before I opened the door and tased him. Then I tased him several more times before clubbing him over the head with a large metal pipe and dragging him into the vehicle. It was... Remarkably cathartic. Keeping him alive instead of continuing to beat him until he has stopped breathing has proven significantly less pleasant.

I am taking precautions with him of course. Roland and I are both keeping armed at all times. I smashed every device Morningstar was carrying with him. A watch, a cellphone, an iPod among other things. Tossed his knives out as well. Removed his shoes, gloves, hat and coat as well and threw them out. He is chained, tied up, handcuffed and is wearing several chinese finger traps... Don't laugh, it is honestly the best we could do. I tried adding iron bars to the design to keep them from breaking, at Roland's suggestion, but we'll see how that goes. We have also poured a line of salt around him because... Honestly I saw it on a TV show once, where the heroes had to trap a demon. Seems fitting in this situation. I only regret we have no method of creating a sufficiently strong magnetic field on hand. I keep expecting him to be there one moment and gone the next. Instead I still find him squirming and pulling against the chains.

Despite all this, of course, I suspect he wanted to be caught. Can't think of a good reason for him to have been alone out there at night. Though he has put up a fight, and he continues to tell us that everything has "gone according to plan," that he "wanted to be caught" and that soon "our doom will be upon" us etc etc. I do believe him.

Interrogation itself, beyond the threats, has proven slow and annoying. He keeps whining about not being fed properly, wanting a glass of water and... Well he devolves into rambling stories and terrible jokes. I was sick of his voice long before this and he is driving me very much insane right now.

I do however have a plan. Morningstar strikes me as simultaneously hard and simple to break. Hurting him is clearly not the answer, despite him whining about a headache and possible concussion. I have already treated him for the damage we caused to ensure he is capable of giving useful answers. However, for as annoying as he is to talk to, I believe that is the key. If we keep him rambling and continue jerking the conversation onward, asking the same questions over and over again, I think he will eventually get annoyed to the point where he will answer with useful information. I don't think he physically knows how to shut the hell up.

Of course there is the risk of him giving false or faulty information. So we intend to keep asking he same questions over and over again beyond the point where he has started to visibly get annoyed. If he changes the story, we will document it and try to piece together the whole truth from the fragments. That said, the first things I hope to ask involve "The Court" and the Oathbreakers. Them being enemies with Morningstar, I am hoping he will be more inclined to give information about them. The Whys and Whos and all that.


Did I mention he whines constantly? Because I have not had a moment's peace in hours. Fucking hours. I swear to GOD he has to sleep sometime. Roland is currently sleeping himself to ensure that one of us is keeping an eye on Morningstar at all times.

Let me make something clear here. I am typing this post during the points in our conversation that Morningstar goes off on a tangent. This is a frequent occurrence, so please forgive me if I am sounding a bit stressed, angry or just... Unpleasant. Because I want to break his fucking neck right now. And if he refers to himself as "Dr. Morningstar" one more fucking time, I am going break at LEAST one of his bones. He is not a Doctor. He never was and never will be. Christ. Jesus Christ. It makes a mockery of my old profession and the profession of several friends of mine.

God above I hate this man. Every sentence he utters is a crime against humanity.


And he is so happy about himself. All these stories he keeps telling me, in between threats, just seem to cause his eyes to light up and makes him do that stupid fucking laugh of his. And he keeps fucking laughing. Clowns do not laugh as much as this guy. One of his parents must have been a Hyena... You know maybe that is something. Divert his attention to his past. Maybe he will give me something I can use here. Maybe I should ask about his parents and sibling. His blog shows he dislikes talking about those things so maybe...


... Actually that might have been a breakthrough. Lets hope and see.


Okay. Ten Minutes later and he has been dead silent and is just staring at me. This is heavenly. Him, not talking. Wonder how long it will last... He does not look mad per se. He is just staring at me blankly.... Maybe I should make sure HE didn't have a stroke or something. Jesus. Wouldn't that be nice?


Okay then. Ten more minutes and he has still not said anything. He seems fine, and is clearly aware. Pulse is normal, if a bit on the slow side. Will see if I can get anything relevant out of him within the next hour. After that, I am going to sleep and Roland will be up. This post will be scheduled for Midnight, so I will add on information once he has escaped or given useful information. So if this post ends here, odds are Morningstar has continued giving the silent treatment. Part of me hopes he does, at least for a bit longer.

Oh and I cannot remember if I said this already, due to my splitting headache, but once I learn what I need to, I am putting this son of a bitch out of our misery. For Good.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Update

We caught one. We actually kidnapped a proxy. Am shaking. Really didn't think we could do it. Especially considering who we caught. Will talk about the circumstances surrounding it after we are sure he is secure. Taking all possible precautions we can manage. Lucky we didn't get stabbed. Can't believe we were able to catch him off guard like this.

Suppose sanity does have it's advantages after all.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Never Trust a Proxy

You'd think I would have learned by now. If I may quote Fracture here:

"Seeing how you two morons keep sneaking off to secluded locations and getting kidnapped with no one around to help you, maybe you should go to a city where people are. Then if something happens someone can be there to help you, like a police man or something.

New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Tampa, Atlanta, ect.

Divided you fall gentlemen."

This is exactly what we did. I have to wonder Fracture. Did you know that advice would turn out this shitty? Or was that a legitimate attempt to be helpful. Either way, I am no longer taking anything you say into consideration anymore.

I am not even going to bother going into details about the insanity that happened. Suffice to say, it involved Morningstar, Oathbreakers, Morgan, Sword wielding maniacs, a large bus, and at least one coffee shop and a warehouse.

I am fortunate to be alive.

I did learn something useful though, and that is that Morgan and his group do not like Proxies at all. The feeling is clearly mutual. I also learned, obviously, that there are still Oathbreakers after us.

So let me review. I have four, possibly six, groups after me and of them, I know that most don't want to kill me. I also know I want them all to die horribly, which is a problem considering one of the groups seems to consist of immortal monsters. Potentially immortal, actually... I really do need to capture one of those...

You know... That isn't actually a bad idea. I keep getting kidnapped, or attempted kidnapped... So why don't I turn the tables and try kidnapping someone myself so they can explain exactly what in the nine hells is going on here.

So I need to decide two things. One, which group do I need to target. We have the Proxies, represented by Morningstar... And believe me, I would love nothing more than to give that piece of shit a taste of his own fucked up medicine... We have "The Court" represented primarily by Morgan, so it seems. We have the Oathbreakers, who we have no idea the names of aside from Magog, who may or may not be dead. We have the Pale Men, lead by that Uriel or Yuri Polzin person. We have this other group from two days ago... And we have... Maybe... Timberwolves? I haven't seen the Archangel lately, but I am assuming this is not over yet...

The second thing I need to decide is how to go about kidnapping someone who knows what is going on. I myself and not well versed in the art of kidnapping. So... Any Advice anyone? I'd rather not give away what resources we have on hand or anything but... Assume we have at least a net and a taser. But really, if anyone has any more ideas, I would love to hear them. I've basically given up on my own thoughts and ideas, because they clearly are useless in this current situation.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Beggin everyone's pardon but this post ain't meant for anybody but Echo, causewe got seperated and it's a long story and a really hope he is checking this damn thing

Cell Phone broke in the fall, can you please get your ass over to the spot I thought we agreed on? I don't think I w's followed, so hurry. Gonna get off this damn thing and into a hiding spot. Giving you 30 minutes before I leave your ass behind, cause this was a bad idea.