Friday, January 25, 2013


Seems escape was just in time. Received phone call from friend at work. Several strange men in black coats and hats came in looking for me. Didn't like the looks of them, so gave me a call to see if anything was wrong. Told him to call police if men came back. Very dangerous. Part of gang with cult tendencies. Didn't technically lie.

Companion is bit dim. Well-Meaning though. Hard worker. This is Good. Escape won't be easy. Dumah knows we left. It watched. Could feel It constantly until we left county borders. Still some distance from pre-prepared safe house. As said. Was prepared for this eventuality. Still. Journey extremely dangerous. Can't be certain safe house is even safe. Many potential things to go wrong.

Confess, am afraid. Leaving safety of home town behind. Knew the streets. Knew the people. Knew the land. Knew the dark corners. Could have possibly evaded them there. But would have been temporary. Would have had to leave eventually. Might not have had such an easy time.

Took resources to conduct experiments with. Need to find good time and place to set up. Now that have help, should be quicker and easier. Will post again when arrived at safe house.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Thought this blog thing would be a cool idea to help... Uh... Echo with. Granted I had to rewrite this hello post like five times before he would let me post it. Bitching about giving away to much information and giving hints to our enemies. Now that don't make much sense to me, the Tall fella seems to be able to track us pretty easy, and always seems to know where we are at a given time.

Ain't seen hide nor hair of any proxies. Reckon their too busy with their own problems. If I was followed to town, then we lost em. See, Echo's post fore this one had a big old lie in it. He said we would leave when the post got posted. We actually left bout five hours ago. Hoped it would confuse any proxies.

Now I was gonna mention my name and... When this mess started and all that. But Echo won't let me. Personally I think he's being a bit too paranoid. What I am gonna mention is that I was sent to find Echo and told he'd help by a fortune teller in my home town. Guy named Yuri. He's... Ukrainian or something. He also told me that putting that weird circle symbol with the "X" in it would keep proxies and stuff from looking in my computer. Echo tells me that's bullshit. So apparently Yuri's bad news. Slightly worse than a proxy but short of the Tall Feller himself. Speakin of him, Echo saw him a lot as we were packing up. Never saw him this time myself, but it was sure incentive to pack up quicker. Can't say what we're driving neither.

Now I don't know if I rightfully like Echo all that much. I understand he was just being cautious when he shoved a rag with some weird smelling chemical in it on my face. Chloroform or something. What has me bothered it his weird obsession with dissecting things. It ain't healthy if you ask me. Whole idea of killing people seems wrong to me. And I was forced to delete the rest of this paragraph cause it talked about stuff that "proxies could use to get an advantage over us" or something.

So that's all. Might be using the blog from time to time, if Echo don't mind. I would create my own blog thing, but that takes a lot of time and effort that is better spent doing other things. So... Uh... Bye.

-Not Echo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Not Proxy. Just idiot. Blog irrelevant now. Have someone to talk to. Not especially bright though. Limited understanding of what am trying to accomplish.


On second thought, maybe blog is good idea.

Original plan was a bust shortly after interrogation began. Intended to dissect and examine any abnormalities in body. Then realized I was an idiot and should focus on the brain first. X-Rays. Brain MRI. Everything. Anything that could tell me which parts are most active when It is around, or tell me if the brain has been damaged or reshaped in any way by It's abilities. Then I would dissect him.

Was setting everything up and in the process of ensuring he could not remove himself from the machines when he asked if I was my real name.

Stopped the procedure and threatened him with knife and accused of being a proxy. Perhaps lost my cool too much. He mentioned being told to seek me out by a fortune teller named Yuri Polzin. I know that name. I had read it in another blog. This is not good.

We are moving. Am taking everything I can with me. Quitting job. Already made most preparations weeks ago when haunting first began. Dragging the idiot with me. Useful for heavy lifting. Forcing him to read rules written prior in case of this situation. Wish to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Considered possibility of double prey meaning double attraction to Dumah. Also means more visible. Conversely. Means extra firepower against inevitable proxy attack. Also means reliable ally. For as reliable as an idiot can be. 


More personally. Will allow me to sleep better. Doubt it will last.

Leaving as soon as this post comes up.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gathering of Prey

Not Good. Very Bad. Location compromised? No signs of Proxy activity. Definitely a Runner. Saw him. Shifty eyed, well traveled. Satchel with personal possessions. Operator Symbol on laptop. Idiot. Moron. Spotted it from outside and across the street. Like he is trying to be caught...


Followed him home. Was careful. Knew the owner of the motel. Used that as excuse to drop in. Will contemplate next move during nightly preparations. Need to act fast though. Proxies could be near if isn't a proxy already. Will get what is needed from him regardless. Own safety is priority. Threats will be removed.

Had other things planned to talk about. Mind is occupied with current troubles. Hard not to panic. Will perhaps discuss ideas some other time. Must get ready.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Believe to be fairly recovered from the recent attack. Wondering when next attack will occur. Happens enough and will perhaps find a pattern? Would prefer never to see It again honestly.

Proxies are the key. It does not attack Proxies. Generally. Why is this? What makes a proxy a proxy? Clear that many proxies pay only lip service to It. Wish to save their own lives or use as excuse to commit acts of cruelty. Could become Proxy. High risk. Very low reward. Might buy time. Might end life even sooner. Might not even be accepted as proxy. Flip of the coin. Don't like taking chances.

Interesting group. Proxies. Seem to come in two forms with various sub forms. Most visible group are eccentric murderers and mastermind figures. Observed the writings of Morningstar, Nightscream, D. Banks and Rhodes. Eccentric murderers. Penchant for the theatrical in most cases. Bizarre personality quirks. Tendency to be unpredictable. Morningstar seemed to be predictably so. A severe weakness. D. Banks is of the unpredictable variant. Or perhaps was. Strange world we live in. Nightscream seemed likewise unpredictable, but love of dramatics makes more predictable than D. Banks. Rhodes more predictable that Nightscream, less than Morningstar. Proxies such as these seem to make up majority of blogging proxies. Most visible assassins.

Sub group of this is the mastermind type. Main examples seem to be Redlight, and Fracture. Former Proxy organization collectively serves as another example. Redlight obviously biggest threat of the three. Fracture being least threatening and competent. Need to finish reading account of C. Delmont and dig up Redlight appearance on R. Sagel account before making analysis of Redlight. Proxy hierarchy even more enigmatic with leadership largely unknown. Irrelevant now that dismantled, but would be helpful understanding the mindset. Fracture clearly intelligent but hampered by incompetent employees and occasional bouts of poor judgement. Still. Would not want him anywhere near me.

Second Main group of proxies form silent majority and backbone of cult. Anonymous drones. Seem to have a tendency to wear masks to hide identities. Something eccentrics need not worry about. Would guess the eccentrics serve to draw attention away from less personable drone types. Likely account for majority of proxy related runner deaths, despite what eccentrics claim. Growing worry of possible drone involvement in current hunt. Could deprive me of relative peace when It is not actively attacking. Make preparation and experimentation difficult.

Need to discover the following:

A. How are proxies created? Choice clearly not major factor in servitude. Something else is cause.

B. What links between proxy minds and It's. Various accounts report instances of "whispers" allegedly by Dumah. Sever the link. Proxy ceases to be a Proxy. Can then use to try and do same for Runner link. Chemical involved in brain? Secretion from Dumah? Pheromones? Direct injection via tendrils?

Need also to lure prey. Considering scribbling operator symbols over places likely visited by tourists. People who need to keep moving. Could easily give position away to Proxies. Already prepared to move. Would be annoying though. Support base here. Familiar territory. Familiar people. Loss of shelter.

If have to run. Should avoid cities? Or avoid towns? Both? Father taught me to live off the land effectively enough. Native American blood runs strong in veins. Can't say which tribe. Could help them narrow down search.

Hmmm. Good to talk to something. Feels nice to put thoughts to words. Questions. Conformation of existence.

Wonder when It will come back.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As predicted. Am suffering from painful migraine. Human mind not able to fully comprehend It. Mere presence evokes a sort of primal fear. Utterly uncontrollable and wild. Mad Panic. Could not resist. Found myself suffering from effects long after initial exposure. Including now. May be slightly incoherent or odd acting as a result of lingering influence. Still. Useful for future analysis when mind is operating normally again.

Anonymous commenter implies that telepathy is indeed within It's power. Testing could prove problematic. Logically though. Must assume the worst. So It has telepathy. How can telepathy be disrupted? How does it work? Can It sense the chemicals excreted by the brain? Feel the electrical signals? What is the range? Perhaps unlimited?

Mr. Incognito commenter suggests reliance on fight or flight instinct when confronted. Fighting is out of the question. Previous attempt at using firearms had no effect whatsoever. Flesh is resistant to blunt force trauma and cutting. Flight is only option. Must limit time indoors to avoid being cornered again.

Reliable family friend sending missing components for experiments. May cancel the order. Telepathy promoted too many variables. Can simply be feigning weakness. Can simply be evading traps. Suspect am looking in the wrong places.


Need to find fellow prey. Examination may provide insight. Need to find Proxy. Similar potential benefits. Less likely to cooperate. Coercion may be required. Need to brush up on human biology. Need to find any nearby proxy groups. Without giving self away. Cannot risk betraying location to proxies. But how?

Should perhaps recount the hows and whys of my encounter. Was setting up storage area for supplies. Lost track of time. Began noticing tell tale signs of It's presence. Electrical interference and distortions. Lights flickering. Learned quickly that iPod is excellent early warning tool. Music turns to white noise prior to attacks. Most of the time. This time proved no exception. Attempted to make way to the exit when the doors opened. It's size. The length of it's limbs. Blocked the exit entirely. Rare occasion. It walked inside. Method of walking was strange. Footsteps utterly silent. Crossed Salt lines with no difficulty or change in behavior. Was panicking. Filled with... Utter terror. Mindless and all consuming. Just wanted to escape. Threw salt bags at It. No effect. No reaction. It kept coming. Closer and Closer. Held aloft Holy symbols. No effect. No reaction. No way to stop it. Nearly backed self into a corner before realizing the disadvantages of the position. Smashed nearby window with hammer and jumped out. Ran to car. Way was blocked. It stood in my path motionless. Did not risk finding out how long it would wait before moving. Hitched ride from passing car. Improvised story about being attacked by a man. Was taken to police station. Passed It standing in a nearby alleyway as we left. Arrived at station filed a report and went to get car.

Risk of police officers doubting story were erased when car was found. Windshield was shattered, mirrors were broken with traces of blood. Symbols were carved into the sides and hood of the car. These symbols had come up in my research. Circle with an X. Markings were obvious give away to Proxies. Drove car into a river to hide it. 

Current objective is to find fellow prey and a proxy. May be the key to understanding how Dumah's telepathy works. If telepathy can be blocked. May be able to have a reprieve from It's torment and possibly figure a way to deal with it more permanently.

Monday, January 14, 2013


It was here.

This was fortunate though. Was allowed to test the effects of salt upon the creature. Results were inconclusive to say the least. No reaction to speak of. Salt lines did nothing. Neither sea salt nor table salt. Even tried tossing the damn bags at it. Nothing. NOTHING.


Doubted that it would work. Was hasty. Flashed Holy symbol necklaces at It. No effect. Did not impede advance in the slightest. Escape routes limited indoors. Can't stay there. Need room to run. Can't hide. Only run.

Shaking now. Lingering effect of exposure. Can't get image out of my mind. Standing there. Just Standing at first. Then came forward. Those things coming out of It. Can't... Must remember though. Details. Details. Attack. Actions. Everything. Turn negative to positive.

It's head did not move. Ever. Even when moved out of direct line of sight. Implies sensory organs not found in head. Maybe not a head? Maybe a fake head. Looks like a head. Animals use similar tactics. Fake head. Draws attacks away from real one? So where are the eyes?

No. No No No. Hypothesis is flawed. Moved head to look before when... Moved to look at me. Certainly sensed presence. Moved against me shortly after, keeping head area locked on. Why not this time? Is It... Taunting me? Throwing out contradictions to confuse me? Mind Games.

Yes. Likely. Mind Games are standard modus operandi of Dumah according to all accounts.

But... But why? Why would It think I was looking specifically for things like this? How did It know that is why I stared at the head instead of running? Thousand other things could have been testing. Telepathy? Impossible. Can't exist. Can't. Ha Ha. Just like 8ft Stick Men who eat children. Those don't exist either RIGHT?


Maybe was just... Maybe just felt like looking with head previously? Did not feel like it this time? Maybe no rhyme or reason to actions. Only... Ha. MADNESS. Yes. Yes. Madness yes. But also purpose. Purpose is to kill. To DEVOUR.


Cannot forget my purpose either. Need sleep. Will have proper analysis up tonight at midnight.


Searched for what I can regarding Dumah. Most seem to refer to It as "The Slender Man" or some variant thereof. That name strikes me as only partially accurate. While indeed slender, hesitate to call It a man. Too human of a word. Human is the one thing am positive It is not. Ergo shall continue referring to It as Dumah.

Several useful accounts were easily found. The problem found was that majority of the accounts were written by those now dead and gone. Meaning they failed to rid themselves of It's presence. This is of some concern as many of the accounts were by individuals who seemed by all rights to be intelligent and pragmatic. Nevertheless cannot lose hope.

A recurring rule that was encountered in my research was "Get up High." This rule is clearly wrong. Nearly every account read has disproved the theory with It appearing at the top of even large buildings to pursue prey. Being at the top of a building also limits methods of escape. Ergo will not be making that mistake.

As of now. It has been three days since last encounter with It. The encounter has left me in fairly poor condition. Nursing multiple lacerations in my back and painful bruises along my neck and arms. This is somewhat at odds with accounts read. Many show It simply taking It's prey and vanishing. Or being beaten off. My own experience has shown me It is immune to blunt force trauma with metal baseball bat. If anything, contact with Dumah harmed bat more than creature's body. Escape was allowed only by the creature flinging me through a window. Thus the lacerations. Was blind luck that was not more damaged.

The account of a homeless woman. Combined with experience with creature in home. Combined with It's seeming preference for daylight attacks. Combined with It's unwillingness to attack sleeping victims (As evidenced from multiple accounts with few, if any, attacks while the prey are sleeping). Has convinced to adopt a nocturnal schedule. Sleeping in outdoor conditions only, to maximize escape routes.

Have also found evidence of a cult or other type of organized force of humans serving or worshiping It. Fortunately I appear to have entered the hunt at the lowest point in the group's recent history. Previous leaders appear dead. The most active group remaining belongs to individual calling himself Fracture. Based on recent success ratio and personality traits shown by Fracture and employees. It is clear they are far less dangerous than previous iteration of group. Highly incompetent and inefficient.

Incompetence aside, raises several questions. How do these "Proxies," as they are called, receive orders from It? Why does It even have servants? Enjoyment at being worshiped? Unlikely. Perhaps It uses them as hunter would dogs to entrap prey? Perhaps. However It has consistently shown that it has absolutely no need for something like that. If these servants, dogs, get involved in hunt. I must make sure to collect one of them for study.

Until that time comes. Will be conducting various other experiments to see whether or not this creature can be harmed. Perhaps even killed. Others have performed experiments, but mental states and sheer inconsistency with the results forces to regard their accounts with an amount of skepticism.

Shall conduct an experiment for each hypothesis frequently raised by prey to see if any can be used to gain insight into creature's nature:

Hypothesis 1: Dumah is a Fairy/Fae
Experiment: Striking/Stabbing/Shooting with Cold Iron.
Difficulty: Procuring Cold Iron. Cold Iron being merely a dramatic name for regular iron. Shall need to acquire a weapon made of pure iron to be completely sure of effect on It.

Hypothesis 2: Dumah is a Ghost/Spirit
Experiment: Utilizing salt to ward it off.
Difficulty: While table salt and sea salt will be obvious and simple to acquire, pure rock salt may be more problematic.

Hypothesis 3: Vulnerability to electrocution
Experiment: Using a taser on It.
Difficulty: Need to find something more potent than a mere taser.

Hypothesis 5: Dumah is a Demon
Experiment: Attempting to use holy water or religious symbols offensively.
Difficulty: Need to acquire various religious symbols to be completely sure.

Hypothesis 6 & 7: Dumah is an Angel/God, Dumah is a Cthulhu-esque Horror
Experiment: Unknown. Angels and Gods do not tend to be fought often to any success. Know of no weapons believed to have an effect. As for Cthulhu-esque horrors, their very nature would be incomprehensible. An accurate description. But leaves little room for exploitable weakness.

Sadly, Hypothesis 7 is the one suspect to be accurate. If so, have little in the way of options aside from fleeing for the rest of my, inevitably short, life.

Let us hope I am wrong.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Echoes of Silence

Sanity is fleeting. Failing me. Need an outlet to talk into. Preserve thoughts. Preserve mind. Thin air makes me think I am talking to It. Even acknowledging it is dangerous. Even when it does not seem to be here. Once It catches me and puts an end to this hunt, perhaps this will prove beneficial to the next unlucky prey. Should always leave something behind to be remembered by. Otherwise existence is meaningless.

I do not know what It is. I do not know why it hunts me. I do not even know for certain what it wants. Questions. So many questions. I am not the only one I am sure. Other prey. It is not always around, even though it feels otherwise at times. Where does it go? Where does it live? How does it live? Is it alive? Is it a Ghost? A demon?

Perhaps it is an angel. Or God. I do not know. Dumah is an appropriate name however.  Angel of silence. The stillness of death. A lurking shadow.

Why does it appear the way it does? Tall. 8-9 Feet estimate. No sensory organs upon the face. No eyes. How does it see? No ears. How does it hear? No mouth or nose. How does it breathe? Or does it need to do none of these things? It's physiology from a pure superficial standpoint is alien. There is nothing like it upon the earth. Pale skin. Hairless. Implies limited sunlight and cold exposure. Yet it appears in sunlight quite often. Even appeared standing in the snow. Creatures affected by cold grow hair to block it out. So is it unaffected by cold? Why the pale skin? Implies limited exposure to sunlight. Sunlight should be unpleasant to it. But it isn't. Indeed it seems to prefer appearing in daylight. But not always. No cycle of sleep. Neither nocturnal nor diurnal. No time of weakness. No time of escape.

How does it move the way it does? Filling a space of empty air. Is it merely invisible unless it wishes to be? How does it move to impossible to reach locations? Doors and walls serve as no obstacle. Yet perhaps it is invisible. No one but me seemed to see it. They walked by oblivious to something that should have sent them into a mindless panic as it did me. Why could I see it and no one else? It existed. It was not my imagination. How could it be? I felt it. I have wounds to prove it. Was it that I could see it and no one else? Or that It wanted only me to see it. To tell me I was marked.
More disturbingly than any of that was it's manner of dress. Clothes. It wore clothes. A finely tailored suit. It reminded me of my time in New York. Wall Street. Filled with a swarm of businessmen. I remember their manner of dress. Suits and ties. Dress Pants. But their faces were gone. Lost in the sea of memory. Strangers without faces. Just like It. This proves that It is not a mindless creature. It thinks. It knows. It watches.

My objectives are thus:

1. Learn about my tormenter. Discover any shred of knowledge that I can. To protect myself.

2. Find out about any other cases similar to mine. Need to know if there are others that might help.

3. Above All. At Any Cost. Survive.