Sunday, May 26, 2013


Okay. Well I... I really don't know where ta start. It's Roland again, if you can't tell. Beena long while, I know. I ain't sure what to really say. Last thing I knew, I was in my cell. Then I woke up in some tiny motel in the middle o nowhere. Looked over and saw Echo looking like he was havin a seizure or something. I wasn't sure what was happening. Then he just stopped and looked around all confused like for a minute er two. Neither of us knew what day it was, and when he checked... Well. It's been a month.

Echo looked bad. Like he'd been crying his eyes out and just been sitting on the ground. So I checked the blog for him, just in case, and found that weird post. Now, I been trying to make sense of it while Echo's been out of it, and it seems ta me like it was wrote in the wrong order. Best I can figure, Morningstar and a "Yellow Eyed Man" were here in this hotel room and left us some keys. Cannibal bastard's comments lend some... Creedence? Credence? Whatever that word is, to my theory. Also some rambling about an Old Man who got us out of that... Place. Hope he killed Morgan, cause it seems like he did something to Morgan, based on what I can tell.

I met the motel manager to try and get some information and... Well... Ever seen that old Hitchcock movie called Psycho? I think we are checked in to the real life version of the Bates Motel. That manager was a proxy. Bet my life on it. So I went back and told Echo, and he immediately started packing up, and told me that we'd figure out what the hell just happened later. I told him to pack it himself and that I was getting far away from him. And can ya blame me? I got kidnapped by those beaked freaks and then sent into what was probably the hell the bible spoke of. All cause he was willing to walk right into a damn trap. And another thing, he locked me out the account, so I was cut off from asking for help from the people that might know a thing or two. All cause of spite. That ain't right, and believe me, I really wish I could leave his ass behind right now.

Unfortunately, the Hotel Manager and staff knocked on the door and "advised" me help Echo along. Now I ain't a real smart fella, but I know a threat when I hear one. Specially since it was clear they was spying on us.

Least Echo apologized, though he wasn't too clear about it. He thinks he had a stroke or something. But he don't want to be taken to the hospital. Can't say I blame him myself. What's worse, is he keeps telling me that the Tall Fella is close by. Now I ain't seen him myself lately, but the radio's been acting real funny at times, in this new van Cannibal Bastard left us.

So we're driving along, and stopping on occasion to rest, or in this case write a post. I gotta ask. Anybody out there that ain't Fracture or Morningstar got any advice? I got no idea where to go or what's going on now. So any advice or offering of help would be mighty welcome right now.


  1. The place to be is good ol' sunny California. That's where everything's going down at the moment.

    And for God's sake, stay AWAY from Phoenix, Arizona. It's a bloodbath down there.


    1. Don't think we oughta be getting in the middle of other problems right now. We'd just be bringing more. So we need to be staying away from Arizona AND California I guess. Thank You.

  2. I can't give much advice on where to go, and advice on the stroke depends on what type it was. So I'll just say stick together.

    1. As good advice as any. Thank You ma'am.

  3. Kill Echo.

    What? Doesn't seem like a bad idea, I mean hasn't he been acting a little fishy to you? Even before this whole "hell" thing.

    They advised you to "help" Echo along, "help" comes in different varieties, one of them is putting a person out of their misery.

    Besides, it would be an entertaining turn of events, don't you think?

    This all might seem like pointless babble from a crazy man, but you know, if you think about it, disposing of Echo, doesn't sound like all that of a bad idea.

    Of course you'll refuse, but think about it, I'm not saying "do it", just think about it.

    1. Sorry. I ain't one for violence if I can help it. That being said, I ain't gonna stop him if he does something stupid again.

      You do got a point about it being fishy though.

      And begging your pardon Kelevra, but your "babble" ain't really all that different from about half the crap people say on here. Talking about Fracture and the Cannibal.

    2. Tis why I label it as "babble", people like you tend to ignore messages from people like that, or you respond to them with something like "Fuck You".

      Ya know, the usual routine.

    3. Can you really blame us?

  4. Seeing how you two morons keep sneaking off to secluded locations and getting kidnapped with no one around to help you, maybe you should go to a city where people are. Then if something happens someone can be there to help you, like a police man or something.

    New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Tampa, Atlanta, ect.

    Divided you fall gentlemen.