Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just what we Needed...

The Tall Fella, those pale killers, maybe proxies, and now thugs. Just... Normal thugs. Not some crazy cult worshiping the Tall Fella. We were robbed by normal thugs...

We just gone in to a restaurant to get some warm food and when we came back, we noticed the door was unlocked. Our stuff had been gone through and our laptops were stolen. We got em back obviously, and I'll get to that inna minute. That really just... Confused me. Echo nearly had a little breakdown when he realized what happened. It's insane. Karma, Fate, God whatever you believe in... Shouldn't that have kept a bunch of two bit hoodlums out while we are dealing with what might as well be Old Scratch himself?

Good news is someone saw the thugs in action. Said they was part of some psycho motorcycle gang that call themselves "Timber Wolves." Personally, I think "Vultures" is more fittin. Bad news is that, since they were a motorcycle gang with no hang out, they were probably long gone.

The next two days were basically just us drivin around like a pair of headless chickens. Then, Wednesday, a few hours ago, We had walked outside the van to stretch our legs. Echo went to the bathroom at the rest stop and I just kind of leaned against the van. Didn't hear nor see nothing unusual. When Echo came out, he got a weird look on his face and ran to the other side of the van.

I thought maybe the Tall Fella was here again, but no. He told me to come to the other side of the van. So I did. Found that someone had carved a big old operator symbol on the side of the van, with a real sharp blade. Probably a long knife. We... Both mighta freaked out a bit. We both figured what had done this... But I swear I didn't see nothing.

It got worse when we opened the van. Cause guess what we found in there? Both our laptops and a couple bloody biker jackets with the picture of a big old wolf on the back. Echo has refused to touch the laptops or jackets, and I don't blame him. Why did they give us our laptops back? Why carve a big stupid symbol on the side of the van, when they coulda just killed us easy? I didn't see anything, and if they was able to do that so quietly, they could a killed me without me noticing easy.

And... I feel bad that those two punks had to die. Sure they robbed us, but that don't mean they deserve to die. Might a been just starved for money for food or supporting their families. I mean, sure, it could have just been to make a quick buck to fatten a wallet but... Don't we all want more money? It was wrong, yeah, but the punishment needs to fit the crime, and death ain't that punishment.

Granted they did scratch up our laptops pretty bad. Lots of weird messages like "Embrace the Archangel" cut in. Probably talking about Lucifer or something. Making themselves out as devil worshipers to seem tougher sounds like something a thug would do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Broad Daylight

Seem to have readers now. Can't be sure any are Proxies, Kelevra, Fracture and Picasso aside. Thus feel need to keep frightened whimpering minimum. That said. Two Days ago was first time It appeared in highly public place. Middle of Day.

Terrified though we are about leaving the van, we have a nomadic lifestyle. No growing food, and food stores don't last long. Had to go to the grocery store. Did not think It would appear in such crowded place. Was wrong.

It was way some children were acting that made me notice. Heads collectively turned, smiling, pointing. No trace of fear. It stood two aisles away. Towering over the rows, head tilted slightly to side. Stared at it for time. Took another shopper patting me on shoulder to snap out of. I was pale, looked frightened and sweating. Was asked if needed ambulance. Quickly departed store.

Making matters worse. Noticed piece of paper among groceries. Had strange symbol on it. Guessing person who checked on me was proxy. Unsure what symbol means, if anything. Suspect it meant to scare us.

Suffice to say. Did not work. Proxies can feel pain. Proxies can die. Would be upgrade from current situation, albeit not welcome one. Not that I would complain about killing proxies. Want to do something that hurts Dumah. Hurts It like It hurt me


Difficult to keep in mind the pointlessness of vengeance. Cannot let anger cloud judgement. Would be death of us both.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


You know, I've lost friends and... Family before... To see em in a coffin, looking so peaceful... It's strange now... I never seen a man die right in front of me like that... I just... It's funny, when as the funeral for my papaw, I was looking at him in the casket and... Well... Looking back on it, he was peaceful and... It felt like he had gone to a better place. But Silas? That was... It was just... So much worse. It was horrible. That ain't how a man should die. No man deserves to die like that. God help him. God... Wipe that memory from my brain... I don't want to keep seeing the blood and those... Those Demons. Those hellspawned bastards.

Echo isn't really taking it well. Lotta reasons I think. I don't think he's as bothered with the... How of Silas' death. He seems torn up about the fact of it. That was his uncle, and they seemed pretty close. But what's more is the fact he was Echo's last hope. I didn't really know what to expect myself, but Echo seemed convinced this would be how he solves this problem. So we pretty much got no direction now. No hope.

I think hope was what we were running on. Might a been foolish of us. But... underneath all the negativity and fear was a little bit of hope that we could get outta this alive. But watching a man get killed like that it... It just sucks the hope right out of ya. Just replaces it with a... Feeling. A dark and empty feeling, just crushing you down beneath it.

We ain't even risking sleeping in hotels now. Just sleep in the van, keys in the ignition and one foot on the pedal. Tall Bastard and those murdering demons ain't shown up since the fire, but it's only a matter o time...

We need help. I don't know if anyone out there reading this can do it, but we need help. Please. Please help us. Please.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Went back to Marsh House. Needed to salvage anything useful. Much of our things were left behind. No sign of pale men or It when arrived. House reduced mostly to ashes, fire department must have been incredibly slow to respond. Found nothing of use for a while. Roland (In my panic last post, accidentally used his real name. No use hiding it now) found something in the center of the burnt wreck. A large table still standing, clean of all ash and without a single burn mark. On it, were most of our things, likewise unharmed. Four long daggers were sticking out of the center of the table, three of them with blood stains. 

Find myself wondering how Silas actually died. Did the pale man kill him instantly? Did he bleed out on the floor? Did the pale men kill him as we escaped? Did he... Burn to death? Know it doesn't matter. Have to keep looking forward, not back. Just hope he had a quick death. 

Decided not to obscure our movements any longer. Clearly pointless. All precautions have failed to even throw them off. Strange men in dark coats. One of my coworkers mentioned seeing them, as did the hotel manager. They are clearly only ones stalking us aligned with Dumah. Fracture's previous comment confirms this. 

Currently hope to move south a few states. Back to more familiar territory. If this proves problematic, intend to cross border into Canada. Don't especially like Canada, unfortunately. The people are strange, with unpleasant accents. Never understood why people consider french to be romantic language. Sounds like the noises an infant speaks. 

Don't know what to do other than keep moving. Experiments are far too risky and time consuming. Nor am I the person who should be attempting to pull these experiments off. Not that kind of Doctor. 

Last thing that has been on my mind. Those pale men. Have not encountered any other account of them before now. Nothing similar either. Find this extremely concerning. Fear we are dealing with something new... 

Desperately need help. Need a next move. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Pale Men

Took the time to give Silas a funeral. No body, unfortunately, but felt it was necessary. Going to try to stay in control of emotions while I write.

It is difficult.

Had to quit writing yesterday. Felt myself breaking down... the loss of a family member is difficult. It is the worst kind of pain. A pain that only time can numb. Can't deny that I expected it a bit. I expect to lose more before this is all over with. Wonder if it gets easier the more it happens. Suspect some of the other runners might have the answer to that. But for all my attempts at stoicism, I am... I was unprepared for it.

Three nights ago, we were making the nightly preparations. Setting alarms for sleeping in shifts. Silas and Roland are not used to sleeping during the day, and I cannot ask them to adopt my strategy if they do not want to. So they were to sleep in shifts, so two of us would remain awake at all times. The size of Silas' house was a comfort during the day, but the night cast an unpleasant gloom over the place. It also meant more entry points for proxies...

As if proxies are worth worrying about anymore.

Dumah has been quiet since the last attack. I have only caught occasional glimpses of It watching at a distance. Never lingering long. Never letting me forget that It could strike at anytime, and any place. I kept this in mind as I watched and listened. The radio was playing an unpleasant song. I do not know the name, but the lyrics and tune were unnerving to me.

"The dance of the puppets
The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun.
I walk a road horizons change
The tournament's begun."

This as far as the song went before a burst of static drowned out the music. The lights themselves seemed to dim to an unnatural low. I felt very cold... Silas and I woke the idiot and we prepared ourselves for Dumah's entrance. We were frozen in place however, when we heard a bizarre chattering sound coming from the hall. Another seemed to reply... It was a strange thing to hear. I do not think a human could make that sort of noise. It seemed... Insect like. This was clearly not Dumah, and so my thoughts went to proxies. I drew my gun and prepared, Silas following suit with a shotgun. The idiot had an aluminum bat.

We entered the hall with guns prepared to fire, but we saw nothing and no one. In a moment of... Stupidity, brought on by fear, I took several steps further into the hall. That clicking noise echoed from the stairs. Silas and I slowly went towards the stairs, while Roland kept a watch behind us. Creaking boards underneath our feet and the faint static from the radio were our company as we stalked for what seemed like an eternity towards those stairs. As we stood beside the stairs, preparing to look at our foe, I felt Roland's elbow hit me, and I turned. At the end of the hallway where we came from were three pale men, clad in long dark coats with wide brimmed hats. In their hands were long daggers, glistening in the faint light.

In shock I aimed my gun and nearly fired, when Silas cried out. When I turned back, I saw another pale man with dagger raised and covered in a dark red liquid. Silas collapsed and I yelled, and I turned and I shot the murderer. His cold blue eyes showed no emotion, his face conveyed no pain, as I saw the bullet lodge in him as he staggered backwards from the force. Having seen what had happened, Roland struck him with the bat and kept striking until he was forced backwards down the stairs. More clicking came from the strange men across the hall, and clicking from the stairs answered.

I fired my gun at the approaching men. The stress, the fear... I know it threw my aim off badly. But I hit them. I know I hit them. They staggered slightly, but kept approaching at foreboding pace. Roland charged them with the bat, growling as he went, but as he did I heard steps upon the stairs and saw a pale man emerge slashing with his dagger. But the adrenaline had kicked in, and I tried grappling with the man to take his knife. I am no weakling. My father was a war veteran and a rather paranoid one. He made sure that I had the skills to survive an attack from enemy soldiers, and I adopted the training regimen of a soldier quite enthusiastically. I maintain it to this day. But despite this, despite the fact I know I am a strong man, this pale murderer possessed a strength I could not call human.

I received several unpleasant wounds from that knife. Roland fared little better. He was angry of course. He managed to knock one of the intruders on the floor temporarily, but we could not get them to relent. We could barely even slow them. So I yelled for Roland to follow me, and we entered a nearby bedroom, locking the door behind us. Roland had been stabbed several times but the adrenaline was keeping him up. I told him to break the window and he did, as those... Entities entered. With no other options we had to jump out of the window. The snow was a poor cushion for our fall.

I twisted my ankle in the fall and limped away with Roland to the van. That was when we noticed the smoke.  Arriving at the van, we could see that much of the house's front was engulfed in flames. The intensity of the fire would surely consume the house in minutes... So we fled. Roland drove while I nursed my wounds in the back of the van.

As we drove off, I could see the strange men gathering together in front of the house, watching us depart... But amid the fire and smoke, I could see that tall silhouette towering over the pale men. I... wept. I cried as It watched us escape. As it let us escape.

Whether or not it knew of our preparations is irrelevant. There was nothing we could have done to prepare for that onslaught... Silas was, something of a last hope for me. Now I have no plan, and nowhere to go except away. Away from those... Things and their damned master. But they'll catch up. Sooner or later. They'll corner us... We'll feel the sting of their knives and fall just like Silas did... God...

Help us. Please. Anyone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Secrecy is Meaningless

THEY KNEW! THEY KNEW WHERE WE WERE. God DAMMIT all! How? I ERASED the trail, and I threw BREAD CRUMBS IN EVERY OTHER DIRECTION? They could NOT have found us! No... Human could have tracked us...

But we aren't dealing with humans are, we? No... No... We are dealing with bogeymen. Rumors manifest into reality. A demon, a god... Or something greater and far more terrible. But like a god, It has angels. Proxies? These were not proxies. Proxies are weak men and women, raving at the full moon, wearing garish masks to make themselves feel closer to their blasphemous god... They can be killed with steel or hot lead. Not so with these... abominations.

What GOOD is being analytic? Any analysis, any discovery... Any Rules, any THING I learn about Dumah and it's monstrous servants is subject to change! One day, one thing is true, the next it is false. Red is blue, black is white, up is down... There's no point to being scientific about this... Not that I'm a scientist in the first place. I am a Doctor. I am not a physicist or... In this case I suppose it would be more useful to be an occultist or a priest. I heal PEOPLE, I don't experiment with forces I can't even hope to grasp.

I tried. I tried hard. I put everything I was ever taught to use. My father, my mentor... Silas... I failed. I was clinging to hope. Clinging to the hope that maybe, just maybe, I could get out of this. With enough support anything is possible, right? Humanity can overcome anything? Can't it? No. No it can't. I know this. I knew this. My work taught me this EVERY DAY! Death, disease... Watching your loved ones fade away as their minds decay under some degenerative disease or another... I saw humans succumb time and time again. Why did I think I would be any different, facing something like this. That I could keep cool, calm... Analyze the situation, come up with a theory, a solution to mine and everyone else's problems... And then put it to use?


Yet... I suppose... Though bloody and broken.... Though I am... Though I have caused the death of one of the men I respected the most, by bringing this hell into his home... I must, if only to honor the memory of Silas Marsh, continue living. What else can I do?

But perhaps I should explain what just happened... We neglected to mention that we arrived at our destination, the home of my dear uncle Silas. He is... He was the family eccentric. In a family composed of, doctors and lawyers... Parents striving to make their children the cream of the crop, with no regard for what they want themselves... Silas always stood out as a black sheep. A vested interest in the occult. Hence why I chose to go to him for help. I hoped that the occult might be my salvation, should science prove insufficient.

Our arrival was warmly welcomed. I explained out situation to Silas long beforehand, and as expected, he believed me... Only a madman would believe a situation like this... Heh. God I cannot believe this... It's illogical. It's absurd... I wonder sometimes if it is even real. If I might... Wake up and find it was all a dream.

Silas was very dear to me. We kept in close contact throughout my life, he would entertain me with fairy tales and old folklore as a child... And as a grown man, he would call often and make sure things are all right.  Now... Now he is gone. Part of me wonders if I am to blame, bringing that DEVIL here...

We had intended to combine science with the occult. Use every method left open to us to combat It. Dumah... That wretched abomination... We set the trap quickly. Salt. Silver. Electricity. Strange Runes and sigils that Silas never fully bothered to explain. Crystals. Incenses. Everything. We were prepared for war.

Yet we were utterly unprepared for what was to come.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Echo probably don't want me to post this. I don't care right now. I ain't much of a psychologist, and that is what Echo needs right now... Ain't seen the Tall fella in a while now, but Echo? Poor guy see's him all the time. It. Whatever.

I get the feeling he see's It even when It ain't there. Scared of his own shadow at this point. What the hell can I do? I seen that thing too. I know how unnerving it is. Terrifying even... But I got no words that can fix this situation, and It ain't an animal I can put down. Trust me, I tried. My 12-Gauge passed right through It... Like he wasn't even there. I was no more than... Three feet away? Anything natural would have been dead. But this thing? It ain't natural and It ain't of this world. I dunno if it's the devil or some kinda demon... But it makes me feel powerless and useless. I wish I could stop that thing from terrorizing folks. But there ain't nothing I can do but run and try to keep anyone else running alive too. Maybe someone smarter than me will come up with something. Maybe even Echo. So I gotta keep him sane. 

So yeah, Echo saw It again. Staring at him from outside. It didn't come near him or anything, this time. Just stood there... Peering into him with that eyeless face. Arms spread open like he wants a big old hug. But that's death embrace right there. Cold and joyless.... Hear tell that the thing is mainly a child eater. God in heaven... Can you imagine it? How many kids walked into that hug and never came out? How many bodies torn apart and stuffed in bags for their parents to find? How many parents have to bury the half eaten remains of their children? It ain't right for a man or woman to bury their child like that. It just ain't right.

Wonder if that's where he goes when he's not following folks around or trying to tear their limbs off... Playgrounds. Schools. Just staring in those windows. The not so imaginary friend of many kids... Maybe that's why he wears that fancy suit. It ain't for work... That there's funeral clothes. Mark my words... Those kid's funerals have one extra visitor every time, just a staring at that coffin. Final farewell's a silent thank you note for a nice supper....

That thing needs to die.

-Not Echo

Monday, February 4, 2013


Idiot did not inform of last post. Gives proxies insight into behavior and thoughts. Dangerous. Very dangerous. Too late to take post down now. Will try to be more vigilant in future.

Experiments not proceeding well. Barely had time to test out iron on It during the... The attack on the hotel. Iron proved worthless. Could not draw blood. Worthless dagger. Broken dagger now. Intend to use silver next time. Costly. Doubt it will work.

Idiot did not mention bad news. Yesterday. Received call from Hotel Manager. Strange men matching description of ones who visited my former workplace looking for us at hotel. Manager sent them off in the wrong direction. Good. Hopefully bought us time.

Appearance there raises questions. Assumed they use blog to track us. May not be case. Were searching for us AT hotel. Blog clearly says we were gone. Then how did they find out we were there? Maybe rumors of the... Attack. But how did they track us to town? We were careful. Took every precaution. Took unnecessary long routes and doubled back at places. Makes no sense. How are they doing it?


Despite idiot's mistake. Proving to be useful assistant. Quick learner, despite possessing little previous education. Doubt he ever went to college. Still. Hard worker. Doesn't complain. Good for morale. Strong moral compass may prove useful. Did convince him to shoot confirmed proxies on sight. In the legs.

Hmm. Suspect proxies following not affiliated with Fracture. Would not be acting so strangely. Perhaps another proxy faction? Can guess that eccentrics not involved. Would be more obvious. Somewhat thankful. Hate to deal with cannibals and maniacs. Messy business.

Probably need to stick close to the Idiot. It only attacked me... When I was alone. Previous sighting also had me alone. Might make attacks less frequent. Or simply increase risk to the Idiot. Seems lucky so far. It shows preference for me. Has not attacked him since we joined up. No sightings either. Unsure how to feel about this. Unnerving.

Calm before storm?

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I do really like this blogging thing. Used to I could just talk to my daddy about problems or this and that, but I guess this is something he's better off not knowing about. Family was about all I got, until lately... Echo'd probably get mad if I started really venting my feelings on here, but maybe it'd be alright if I was all vague and stuff. He don't even know I'm typing this post up... But it feels right, you know?

I wonder if my family's figured out something's really wrong. They know I was acting funny before I took off. Still alive though, and I guess I should be thankful for that. Echo thinks there is something bad going on with me due to who recommended me to him. A fortune teller named Yuri. Always thought he was a funny fella. Accent reminded me of that guy from the old Dracula movie. Now, I never really used his services before recently, but I always heard tell that he was a real fortune teller. Not just a phony.

Course, Echo seems to recognize the name from somewhere. Thinks he's a Proxy or something. I can't really say for certain myself. I never saw him kill anybody. Place where I'm from ain't exactly a violent place. Some folks rob each other, but killings ain't too common.

Now I don't really know all that much at proxies, but I gotta wonder... What could drive a man to kill someone? I just can't wrap my head around it. Ain't no reason that could ever justify taking a man's life in cold blood like that... I mean I'll defend myself and my family and friends if I need to and all, but even in self-defense I'm not sure I'd ever kill someone.

Echo explained the whole proxy types thing to me. "Eccentrics" and "Faceless" he called em. All I could think about it... Why? What would drive em to serve the Tall Fella. That thing ain't human and it certainly ain't good. Now I'm no philosopher or anything, but don't people generally do what they think is good and right? What kind of person could see that evil thing as Good? I just don't get it. I really don't.

I killed animals before. Hell, I love hunting. But there are a lotta factors that go into hunting deer. Deer population gets too big and... Needs thinning out. Could be dangerous to the population for it to be eating all the food in an area. Hunting keeps the population stable. And I don't just leave the body where it fell. You kill it you eat it... Use every part of it you can.

Is that the way proxies see people? Maybe like deer with a population that needs thinning out? Still don't make a lick of sense to me... Hope they don't use every part of their kill. That's disgusting.

Alrighty... I guess I'll go on now. Stuff to do that I can't tell you about cause Echo would have a fit. Goodbye.

-Not Echo

Friday, February 1, 2013

Messed Up

This ain't a good start to our partnership. I really, really messed this one up. I was supposed to be keeping watch and maintaining all that voodoo and sciency stuff Echo planned to use on the Tall Fella if he showed up...

Well, long story short, he did. I was busy talking to the manager of the hotel we were staying at. I mean. I thought I was being smart about it. Told the manager, real friendly girl, to give us a call if some weird fellas showed up and started asking for us. Even told her a little white lie, may the lord forgive me, about why we were running from em. Come back to the room and find it trashed with Echo sprawled against the wall, bleeding real bad.

He was conscious, but... Rambling something weird. Got no idea if it had any meaning er if it was just gibberish. So I smacked him. Called his name. One of the people in the hotel came a running and I told him to call the EMS. When they came I told him I was talking to the manager when it all happened, and came back and found Echo like this.

Echo himself got real quiet after the EMS took him. When he finally got out of the hospital, he gave me an ear full about taking unnecessary risks and stuff. I'm sorry, but if your life is in jeopardy I'm not gonna just stand around and hope you get better just cause you wanna be all secretive like. He stayed kinda pissy all day... And here we are now. Still driving. Still can't say where to, or how far away we are from it...

Still I... Feel bad. I mean, maybe if I'd a stayed inside with him, this wouldn't of happened. Course he just tells me I woulda got hurt or killed too. Can't say it makes me feel better honestly.

Well... That'll be all the venting I do for today. Dunno when we'll post again. All depends on what happens when we get where we're going... I hope we make it safely.

-Not Echo