Friday, March 8, 2013


Apologies for not updating in a few days. Lot to think about. Keep telling myself that those deaths were unavoidable. Not my fault. Hope to convince myself eventually.

You may have noticed an anonymous commenter on the last update calling himself "Dr. T. Mercer." Briefly made E-Mail available and had some discussions with him about the current situation. Thought he might be a proxy at first. Still might be. Doesn't really matter. Dead anyway regardless of whether he speeds it along. If he is a proxy. 

Made us an offer. Shelter and potential protection from It and It's servants. Found this unlikely. Told me it is. But the odds are better this way. Claims he has a large support team of scientifically minded individuals searching for methods of harming or killing It. Asked him why this offer was made to us and not anyone else hunted by It. Told me it was due to the... Things that killed Silas. Lends credibility to theory that we are unique in this regard. New phenomena. Mercer wants to test those things. Come up with a weakness before they cause more damage. 

Asked him if he had any success with experiments on damaging It. He told me that any successes they had attained so far have proven inconsistent. Seems only to work some of the time. When It feels like letting it work, perhaps. Or perhaps when some higher power than even It allows it. As disconcerting as that thought may be. 

Decided to take Mercer up on his offer. Unfortunately, Mercer's location is nearly on the opposite side of the country. Deep South. Won't openly say the location's name. Can tell you I searched for a "Dr. Thomas Mercer" and could not find any trace of the man. This is hardly surprising. Even if he is not a proxy, individuals associated with this insanity have a tendency to become hard to track. 

Wish I could say that was the only event of note within the past few days. Feelings of guilt and a desire to sleep in an actual bed forced me to rent a motel room for us. Roland had gone to get food, while I talked with Mercer. He returned physically unharmed, but was... Panicked and confused. Claims he ran into one of those pale strangers. Asked how he escaped. His response was troubling. The pale creature didn't attack. Allegedly it was merely strolling down the sidewalk. Walked right past Roland. Asked him if he was sure it was one of them. He said it was. Long dark coat, fully buttoned. Possibly cloth. Dark colored gloves, not made of cloth. Wide brimmed hat. Black. Large light blue eyes. Pale skin, as if sick. 

Would describe their skin as corpse like myself.

Asked him if it had holes from bullets, or tearing. Told me he was too busy being freaked out. Can't blame him. Asked him if anyone else was around. No. Told me he just froze in place as the pale man walked right by him. No clicking noise. No sign of even acknowledging Roland's existence beyond walking around him. Troubling. Extremely troubling. Inconsistent behavior. Was hoping they would continue to be somewhat predictable. Perhaps they still will be when on the attack. 

No sign of Dumah either. This worries me even more. Long hours waiting. Expecting to see It standing in the shadowed corners of the room. Suit as black as night. Tie red with blood. Arms open. Silent and Screaming. But at least when It is there, I know where It is. Not knowing is far worse. Near daily reminders of It's presence grow routine, if startling. Am still alive after all. Know It hasn't gone away...

Ironic. I am more comforted by being in It's presence than not these days.

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  1. Straying to HIS side? Many LESSER souls have been brought to a knee under the SHEER WEIGHT of their guilt.