Friday, March 22, 2013


You know, Imma big guy. I know I'm strong. But that don't mean I have to do all the legwork and heavy lifting. Echo's got two legs too, so why do I gotta be the one to keep hoofing it to the store to pick up groceries. That damned car can't even hold a lot. So we gotta keep on sending me out to be a damn pack mule. And I expect to be sent out again soon enough to get a few more groceries, while Echo sits on his ass.

Oh. He says he is doing important stuff. Research into old legends and stuff, trying to discover something that none of the other dozens of people stalked by this thing found. Sounds pretty pointless to me. He needs to be looking at where were going, I think. He ain't found nothing about no Dr. Thomas Mercer in the town he mentioned. Certainly not one who ran an Asylum. Did he mention that? This Doc Mercer ain't a medical doctor. He's a psychologist or... Psychiatrist or whatever. Don't really the difference myself.

Echo even told me he thinks that Doc Mercer might be a servant of that Archangel thing what saved us from the Pale freaks. Think I remember reading a comment from Incognito that mentioned the Archangel, after those thugs stole our computers. Don't know what it is yet, but it can't be that bad if it saved us. Or maybe it just didn't want us to die there. Who's ta say.

Think I might be catching a cold too. Been coughing and sneezing a lot. Throat's getting raw from it all. Course Dr. Echo's more concerned with his stupid research. He ain't gonna find the miracle weapon against The Tall Fella. He just ain't. I don't think it exists...

I know this was short, but I need to get some rest. Might help me lose this bug faster.


  1. Maybe there is no weapon against IT, but there definitely is a way get rid of IT. Maybe not with a weapon no, but IT was created from something, by something and IT can be destroyed the same way.

    Don't lose hope, and stop questioning your team mates, the second you do, thats when the team falls apart. It might piss you off to do all the chores, but thats how it is in a War, soldiers either obey, or they die.

    Harsh? Maybe, but this whole shit is harsh, Echo's job is research, just because nobody have been able to find something of use before, doesn't mean he can not.

    Keep your head clear.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. What makes you think the Tall Fella was created by something? I am or... Was a God Fearing man myself, but it would make a lotta sense if a world like this with people like... That, was made by something the Tall Fella.

      But he can afford to take some time from staring at the same damn german mythology pages to go to Wal-Mart.

  2. It is a possibility that IT made this world and us, why? To be entertained, for "The Game".

    But tell me, why would it create competition that can outmatch and even harm IT? Why would IT create such entities as Fears?

    If you had told me this theory in 2010 or 2009, when this shit was spreading and no Fears were in sight, I would agree with you, without a doubt. But that is not the case today, I doubt IT created the competition to further entertain ITself.

    Understand, he is broken at this time after the events he had to witness, I am sure you are as broken apart as he is. But you have showed the strength to be able to live with what you have witnessed. You need to be strong, because if you stop doing the hardest work, the group falls apart and the chances of survival get minimal. Yes its unfair, but there has to be an anchor for each person, you are that anchor right now.

    - Mr. Incognito.