Saturday, March 16, 2013


HEY KIDS! It is your old pal Dr. Morningstar here with an amusing little game to play. I've even posted it up on your blog, so all those nice little followers you have can see the rules and maybe make a bet or two about whether you survive. Hehehehe. Hope you are fast readers, as the game begins when you wake up and see the shining screen smiling at you from across the room. The empty room. In the empty shack. In the middle of the cold, dark woods. 

See where I am going with this kiddies? 

Now as you might have suspected, I have been keeping you alive and in... Relatively good shape, for a purpose. What is that purpose? I have absolutely no idea. I just know, or knew, I was not allowed to harm a single hair on your heads. That's what makes the game fun. Even I don't know all the rules... Or players. But I know the playground well. Set up some fun little play pens. 

Nearby is a small car. The car is filled with your possessions. Wallets. Money. A bit of food and water. But no key. And as you recall, you told me you had no idea how to hotwire a car. You seem to be the trustworthy sorts, so I will assume you did not lie. If that is the case, you need to find the keys. Which are, of course, hidden. Nope. Not in the shack. Would not be that easy. They are out in the woods somewhere. You need to find them. Hehehehe. I hid them well. 

But I am not altogether without mercy. There are clues scattered about. Signs. Arrows. Drawings. Corpses. All to make your lives easier. But Dr. Morningstar, you ask. Where is the DANGER? Where is the EXCITEMENT? A lowly treasure hunt is so... So boring. Is it not? 

Well I was going to have some jolly masked fellows hang around to play tag and hide and go seek with you... But the old warning bells went off. Could not do that, you see. But never fear my dear, sweet friends... I got this feeling even now. This... Oily black feeling. HAHAHA. Feels like a THOUSAND scuttling insects writhing and biting and crawling through my SKIN. Devouring DEVOURING EVERYTHING INSIDE! HAHAHA GOD IT HURTS! THE PAIN THE PAIN THE PAIN I LOVE IT! 

I do not know what it means though. Never felt anything like it. But I suspect you have a hunch. I think you will have plenty of company out there in the moonlit dark. Hehehe.

I have money on you surviving, so do not fuck it up. I hate losing bets. 

Toodle-loo boys. Been a pleasure knowing you. Hope to see you again sometime. 

We never got to have dinner. 

-Dr. Morningstar


  1. Did you tape the keys to the back of a piece of paper with a big (x) sign on it?

    That goofy Slender game scenario made real?

    1. Pfft. Fuck No. That was too obvious a game. Kind of pointlessly boring too. Regarding the task not the Video Game. The Video Game is actually pretty good aside from the fact you move like your feet are covered in molasses.

  2. Hey, "Doctor" Morningstar. Why don't you post on your own blog? You've already got three. You might as well start a fourth one.