Saturday, June 8, 2013

Limited Progress

First and foremost. Kelevra and Sanna's comments on the previous post have made me rethink my strategy here. I still need information, but Morningstar cannot leave this room alive. Can't risk it. I think... The tenth. 12:00 AM. He will die. I will not allow him to escape and kill any other people, not when I have him here at our mercy. Odds are few people would be this fortunate if he managed to escape again. Of course, I am not going to tell HIM this.

Morningstar's annoyance is clearly growing and he seems far more melancholy. We have acquired a bit of information, though it's usefulness is unclear. For one thing, Morningstar demanded that he be given his medicine. Among the possessions we salvaged from his coat, was a bottle of pills, and fortunately for him I did not immediately trash it. So I asked him what the medicine was for. He told me it was "None of your damn business" and that if he doesn't take a pill every so often, it negatively effects his personality.

Vague, but likely close to the truth, as when he had kidnapped us, I did see him take medicine during a point where he became a bit less talkative. Of course, I did try to find out exactly what medicine it is. The pills themselves are in a Tylenol bottle, but are clearly not themselves Tylenol. Small, red and oval. No markings of any kind. I have examined them as thoroughly as I can, and they are... Strange. Holding them in my hand left small black stains that took a session of intense washing to remove. I think I am confident in my assertion that these are not approved by the FDA.

The pills are possibly a way to get to him, so I figure I would ask him more about them. He remained annoyingly vague about them, but implied that they are not used by most proxies and are specially made for him. When I asked him by who, he said it was "One of Father's Attendants" whatever that means.

I am still considering withholding them, because his blog has shown several of his personality changes, and absolutely none of them are helpful. Perhaps even less so than his current "Stable" one.

But on to the information about our predicament. He told us that he had already given out several hints, and that I should have guessed at least part of it from my involvement with Magog. He then told me that everything is connected. He listed off The Pale Men killing my Uncle Silas, his kidnapping but not killing us, the Archangel sightings, Uriel and the Pale Men's attack, followed by our rescue and imprisonment by The Court. He said "The dots are there if you would just freaking connect them."

Two things are clear from this. Morningstar thinks I am an idiot for not connecting these dots. This probably means the solution is incredibly obvious. The second thing that was clear involved how he said a certain pair of words. "The Archangel." The manner in which he said it sounded sarcastic. I will be pressing this particular point hard. If I am reading him right, he thinks that entity that looked exactly like Silas, who is dead, carrying a sniper rifle and sometimes wearing a gas mask and long coat, who also started appearing immediately after Timberwolves stole our computers, is NOT in fact the Archangel. I should be relieved, but I also suspect Morningstar has no idea what he is talking about. I don't know of anything else it could be.

I have already pressed him to elaborate on these easily connected dots, as I am "Clearly a moron."

He said "Well... The dot trail CAN get confusing a bit in the later parts. Especially since that ignorant amateur Magog blundered into all this with only the dimmest idea of what was going on. Yeah. You were REALLY fucking STUPID to go with him. Forced everyone to rearrange the pieces on the board and act a way too openly. Serves us right for assuming you were fairly smart."

When I asked him who "everyone" was, he just rolled his eyes and asked "Who the hell do you think?"

Obviously him, Uriel, and The Court. Maybe more, maybe not...

That about covers it, unfortunately. Going to try again tomorrow. Withholding the medicine for as long as possible. Anyone have any advice to speed this along? Or pick up on any details I might have missed within the information he has given?


  1. Piss him off, do things that he hates, maybe in his anger he will accidentally spit out something, heard he doesn't like it when people pronounce his name, also heard he doesn't like talking about family.

    As much, as I hate to say this, but I agree with Kelevra, you shouldn't wait, you already know that the answer is painfully obvious, so why not shoot him now, you're giving his group enough time to locate you and help him.

    Or you're giving him enough time to come up with an escape plan.

    Also, I wouldn't give him the pills, the black markings it leaves, I will make a wild guess and say that those pills have Azoth inside of them and seeing how some proxies can use Azoth to their advantage, well I wouldn't give him them.

    But of course I can be mistaken and that could something completely else, you should kill him, right now.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. I will kill him. Tomorrow night at midnight. Not giving up hope that he might give me something more useful to work with.

  2. Would it be possible for you to send me some of the pills? I am greatly interested.

    1. I suppose it would be possible. I am afraid I don't quite know the best place to send the pills to though.

    2. I have a PO Box. I'll email you the address.