Monday, June 10, 2013


I decided to post this AFTER we were certain Morningstar was dead and buried. For all those concerned about him coming back from the dead again, know that I shot him in the head, drove him off to a predetermined location to decapitate and then burn his corpse. We then dropped the remains into a river. Bottom line is, he is dead.

You know, I think I should be feeling some measure of guilt for killing a person. But it really felt like putting down a rabid animal. Besides, he made incredibly easy to dislike him and want him dead. So in a way I suppose... I actually feel rather good about this. It is a pleasant feeling.

Naturally I looked over his corpse for anything useful. One thing stood out. The bullet wound was bleeding black. Complete black. I don't think there was a drop of red in it. I will have to be thorough though, and it is a bit premature to say with certainty, but I suspect this is the substance known as Azoth. The blogger Med has written an excellent post detailing her findings of Azoth, so I shall link that in lieu of parroting essentially the same information. Assuming this is Azoth, I will attempt to... Play with it and see if I can learn anything new about it.

In terms of the interrogation, Morningstar only gave one more interesting statement before his time ran out. He remarked about needing to pick up something from a "drop off point" at midday tomorrow. Said drop off point was a post office, so this will serve two purposes. I intend to see what it is the proxies are doing, as it may involve us, and, assuming I receive a mailing address via E-mail, I will send Med the pills I took from Morningstar, as she requested. He clearly won't be needing them anymore.

Now. I am deeply bothered by something. Morningstar did not escape. He was not rescued. There was no escape attempt and no rescue attempt. There are multiple possible reasons for this.

1. He is expendable. While I assume this is true to some extent, he seemed a bit too involved in whatever is going on. This hunt for me. I don't think they would have simply let him die like that.

2. They don't know where we are. Also unlikely, as I am positive they know our movements. All of them. Or at least, I am going to work under the assumption that they do. That said, we haven't had a visit from the Pale Men in a long time, nor have we seen any actual Proxies outside of Morningstar's group. Perhaps Morningstar was the only one who knew where we were? But then why didn't his group try to rescue him? Theoretically it could be that they don't know our current whereabouts. Again, I doubt this highly.

3. There was an escape attempt, but it failed. I am on the fence about this one. Morningstar has shown varying levels of competence on his blog before. Failures are as common as successes usually due to his own psychosis and quirks. It could be he tried to escape or an rescue was mounted, but it failed so spectacularly that we didn't even notice. Stranger things have happened, and to our credit... We have been very careful.

4. This is all part of some elaborate plan. This is the one that I think is most likely. Everything else has been part of someone's plan, be it Magog, The Court or the Proxies. Perhaps this a bit defeatist to say, but I don't think we turned the tables quite yet. So maybe we should try and kidnap someone who likely doesn't want to be kidnapped. Maybe... Well if we could ambush Morgan perhaps we could catch him. Or we could go seeking out Yuri Polzin and see if we can't capture him. Both clearly know what is going on. Downside is it might attract the Pale Men and the rest of the Court. Morningstar seemed very... Scared of The King. So we'll have to plan this out very well.

Think I am going to bed now. Will be nice to have sleep uninterrupted by that annoying little fuck.


  1. You broke rule nine. XD

    But yeah, I've emailed you my address. Thanks for the pills in advance. : )

    You're right in that this lack of... well, anything is worrying.

  2. If you're going to kidnap someone else, go for the weakest one.

    If it's an elaborate plan, it's a REALLY fucking elaborate plan. Look out.

  3. Don't think about how you felt about his death, thoughts like that, sometimes eat a person up from inside.

    I also assume that this is a part of an elaborate plan, which means that you will have to think outside of the box now. The logical thing that they would be expecting after you had killed Morningstar was for you to lower your sense, as a sign of relief and during that moment, either attack, either do something else.

    So, for now, don't let your guard down.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  4. Now we just have to wait until Skywalker returns and then we can kill him all over again!

    I mean, its like an endless supply of fun!

  5. He's died so many times by now... Those pills have got to be to keep him docile. I know he's proven able to break repeated hallowing in the past. By keeping him off the pills you may have broken the slenderfuck's control and made it more productive to let him die and then revive him again.
    He didn't used to bleed black.


    1. Interesting. And how exactly do you know this?


      Also, I'm pretty sure he talked about it in his first blog. Either that or his handler did. Go take a good look.


    3. And who exactly are you, anonymous?

    4. That would be telling. But you can call me Tilde