Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Never Trust a Proxy

You'd think I would have learned by now. If I may quote Fracture here:

"Seeing how you two morons keep sneaking off to secluded locations and getting kidnapped with no one around to help you, maybe you should go to a city where people are. Then if something happens someone can be there to help you, like a police man or something.

New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Tampa, Atlanta, ect.

Divided you fall gentlemen."

This is exactly what we did. I have to wonder Fracture. Did you know that advice would turn out this shitty? Or was that a legitimate attempt to be helpful. Either way, I am no longer taking anything you say into consideration anymore.

I am not even going to bother going into details about the insanity that happened. Suffice to say, it involved Morningstar, Oathbreakers, Morgan, Sword wielding maniacs, a large bus, and at least one coffee shop and a warehouse.

I am fortunate to be alive.

I did learn something useful though, and that is that Morgan and his group do not like Proxies at all. The feeling is clearly mutual. I also learned, obviously, that there are still Oathbreakers after us.

So let me review. I have four, possibly six, groups after me and of them, I know that most don't want to kill me. I also know I want them all to die horribly, which is a problem considering one of the groups seems to consist of immortal monsters. Potentially immortal, actually... I really do need to capture one of those...

You know... That isn't actually a bad idea. I keep getting kidnapped, or attempted kidnapped... So why don't I turn the tables and try kidnapping someone myself so they can explain exactly what in the nine hells is going on here.

So I need to decide two things. One, which group do I need to target. We have the Proxies, represented by Morningstar... And believe me, I would love nothing more than to give that piece of shit a taste of his own fucked up medicine... We have "The Court" represented primarily by Morgan, so it seems. We have the Oathbreakers, who we have no idea the names of aside from Magog, who may or may not be dead. We have the Pale Men, lead by that Uriel or Yuri Polzin person. We have this other group from two days ago... And we have... Maybe... Timberwolves? I haven't seen the Archangel lately, but I am assuming this is not over yet...

The second thing I need to decide is how to go about kidnapping someone who knows what is going on. I myself and not well versed in the art of kidnapping. So... Any Advice anyone? I'd rather not give away what resources we have on hand or anything but... Assume we have at least a net and a taser. But really, if anyone has any more ideas, I would love to hear them. I've basically given up on my own thoughts and ideas, because they clearly are useless in this current situation.


  1. I'd say the Proxies or Timberwolves would be the easiest to catch and contain, since most of them are closer to baseline. The problem is if you get a Proxy that is able to just Path out. Luckily I haven't caught any of those but the incidence may be higher where you are.

    1. Do you know of any method of keeping Proxies from "Pathing out"?

    2. Knocking them out. They seem to need to be conscious. Otherwise, and this is going into the world of conjecture, a strong magnetic field would probably disrupt any attempts on their part to use it while they're in it. Probably.

    3. Hmmm. How strong exactly do you think it would need to be?

    4. In exact terms of field strength I couldn't say, this is really one of the things I need to test. But one strong enough to have an effect on iron filings everywhere in the area the Proxy is occupying should do the trick.

      Couple of things I forgot to mention: Tasers are supereffective against Proxies, by which I mean they have a slightly greater than normal effect, not that you can kill one with one.

      Also, Path travel is dangerous, and requires you to actually walk. So keeping the Proxy bound hand and foot is probably going to discourage them from opening a portal, unless they thought by doing they could get you caught by it. So it would be possible, if more risky, to conduct an interrogation without the magnetic field.

  2. HEY BUDDY. Me Again. Listen uh... That Other Group of Sword Wielding Maniacs? Not after you. No worries. No reason to fret or go ANYWHERE NEAR THE FUCKERS. Because that would be very bad for everyone.

    Also, you are REALLY stuck on this Archangel and Timberwolf thing. My advice... Do not worry your terrified little head about it.

    You actually forgot to ask for advice for the most important part of this buddy. The Interrogation. Come on Doc. Do you know how to interrogate someone? Better question. Do you know how to interrogate a PROXY? Or Ex-Timberwolf, in Morgan's case, if that's who you go for. That Jack Bauer Shit is not very effective on people like us. Trust me I know, I have done it. I have done anything you could think of doing and SO much more. So you need an alternate method.

    I personally do not think you have it in you. And even if I am wrong, you will need some time to perfect your craft. Time, buddy, is not a commodity you have in... Abundance. Hehehehe.