Thursday, April 11, 2013


I feel the need to now explain why Roland is no longer with me. You see, our time spent just before the meeting was... Heated. Roland had looked into my notes and was convinced "Dr. Thomas Mercer" was an Apostle. A servant of the Archangel, which I theorize to consist of only 12 individuals. Possibly 13. Thomas was an Apostle, so it would admittedly be logical to suspect Thomas Mercer of being the Archangel equivalent of the Apostle of the same name. Of course, it didn't matter. Even if he was, what of it? We were backed into a corner. It would kill us, or the Pale Men would.

It was a moment of regrettably dark trains of thought.

When we arrived at the meeting point with Dr. Mercer, we encountered a small team of Oathbreakers in full... Costume. The obvious leader, Magog, was an intimidating sight with his Robe having jagged shards of metal sticking out of it. Of course by the time we saw them, they saw us. If they wanted to stop us from running they could. So I stepped out of the vehicle ready to accept whatever fate had in store for me. It would have been pointless to run.

So naturally the moment I stepped out of the car, Roland took the wheel and drove off with everything we owned. Leaving me to potentially die.

I am a bit angry at that decision.

But it turns out Magog was extremely welcoming and helpful. All of the Oathbreakers I have met are. Intelligent and generally very charming individuals with keen insight into the all matters concerning the mind, living things, medicine and of course... The Creatures.

I confess I fear I might be looking at them so positively as a result of my last experience with cultists. The Oathbreakers are certainly an upgrade from the Proxies. But they made it clear that I could be very beneficial to their cause. That cause being to destroy Dumah and other creatures like it.

I approve of this cause. Their methods are bit... Harsh of course. There are many patients in this asylum, most of whom I doubt actually belong here. Perhaps they are relatives of the Oathbreakers. I cannot think of any other way they could get away with this.

The patients conditions are monitored constantly. They are kept alive. In constant pain no doubt, and sick... But alive. And their suffering is for a good cause. In the end they will have saved many lives if this plan works. They seem used to it actually. That is good. It makes it easier perhaps...

You may be wondering if I followed Morningstar's advice from the last post's comments. I have not. I have spoken with Magog extensively on his goals, what will happen to me once I have served my purpose.... Etc. I am satisfied with the answers, for now. But I will of course be keeping very wary of my new allies.

We hope to have captured a Pale Man by next week. If we are successful, then we may just be able to craft a Monster killing Virus. It will be over at long last... I truly hope I am still alive to see it. I hope I am there to see It die.


  1. Well...this may be a bit early but...

    I think you're going to die. That compound will probably meet Hope's fate.

    1. It WAS a place for runners and their families to hide and rest.

      Elaine betrayed them.

      They lasted 2 months, and nearly everyone left in the facility died.

      I'm afraid this might turn out the same way.

    2. Hmmm. I suppose it isn't unlikely... Still, I would have to be a fool not to try, right?

    3. True. Just have a bag packed and an escape route planned.

      And don't get yourself cornered, alright?

      Be careful. You escaped certain death once. No need to taunt it.

    4. I don't exactly have a lot of options, I am afraid. In terms of escape routes that is. The idiot left with the only vehicle I had keys for.

    5. Elaine didn't betray it. Shaun did. Elaine was the one who was keeping it safe.

  2. Don't get yourself killed now old friend. Hope this virus does not backfire, and instead kill off everyone who had worked on it. Experiments like that can lead to very dangerous results. But then again, we need to try everything we can against IT.

    So Roland is no longer with you, too bad, oh well he chose his fate, no point in crying over spilled milk.

    Good luck.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. No, Echo chose to die. Echo chose his fate, Roland wasn't having it and I can hardly blame him.

      "We're gonna die anyways."

      Well why don't I just shoot you now.

      Also, you don't see an issue with creating a powerful human borne virus that is supposed to jump ship to Father and the other fears?

      Do you know how many people are exposed to them on the daily? And how many people are exposed to those victims?

      Have you never heard of bird flu? Let me tell you, it didn't stop with birds. If the fears get sick with a HUMAN borne virus they could very well infect everyone in the fucking world.

      And that's what you're gonna get from the Oathbreakers because that's what they do. They make people sick.

      Use reason Echo. You'll damn us all.

    2. Listen to the crazy Proxy-cat. He's actually speaking sense for once.

    3. What makes you think what's coming out of his mouth is not complete and utter bullshit? What if, by chance, he's just scared? I'm not saying he is, just a possibility, same possibility with the fact that this virus might help.

      There are many possibilities to throw around, none of us confirm for sure, I say stick around, find out what you need, and if you find something fishy, either take them down, or if you can't, get out.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. Lets assume you are correct. All the Creatures will be wiped out, along with SOME people. Not all. The Human race is remarkably hard to wipe out. Personally I think that is a worthy sacrifice.

      But The Camper entities are not human. And we suspect the Pale Men aren't either. This is not a human borne virus. It is a Monster Borne Virus.

    5. One, Fuck you bitch, I always speak sense.

      Two, Fuck you bitch, I always speak sense.

      Three, You know what else is remarkably hard to wipe out, the fears.

      I hope to god you're right Echo. I find your willingness to sacrifice a likely MINIMUM of Millions of OTHER peoples lives incredibly disturbing but I can see where that might seem like a worthy sacrifice when you account for the trillions living world wide.

      Let me ask you this, once they have their hands on such a virus, whats to stop them from intentionally using it elsewhere?

      Assuming of course, that isn't solely monster borne?

    6. Fracture I don't think we are quite up to Trillions in terms of population yet. Unless perhaps you are counting all living things.

      What use would they have for the virus? It wiped out the Creatures... And to be fair I don't think they intend to kill their own God. This will leave The Doctor as the final remaining creature... Which is far more manageable than several.

    7. So we're in the low billions, that is not helping your case here.

      Manageable? You think dropping the fear tally to one figure head will make things more 'Manageable'?

      You know what keeps the a Fear in line? Other Fears.

      The war for territory, cultists, and the Great Hunt for Souls is what keeps a fear Manageable.

      You know what a child who had to share everything with his siblings does when hes done gutting them?

      Whatever the fuck he wants.

    8. Wow. Fracture actually cares about the cost of human life? Weird...

      Personally, I'd rather deal with all the Fears instead of just one. Then, all you have to do is get them to turn on each other.