Monday, April 15, 2013

Trust Issue

Funny thing about my walk. It was utterly uneventful and rather peaceful. No sign of the Pale Men or Dumah, despite my vulnerability. Exactly what we did not want to happen. I personally blame myself for trying such an obvious ploy. "Going to take a walk. In the dark. With a minimum of security." 

Yet, Magog seemed unsurprised. This bothers me. I knew of course that he was unlikely to be telling me everything that he knew about the Pale Men... But he seems to be implying he knows their actual goal. Surprising in that I did not think they had one beyond killing us.

I would take this time to regurgitate all the information I have on Magog in order to analyze it... But in doing so, I would be... Betraying him in a sense. The less his enemies know the better, I suppose. While I don't quite consider him a friend, he is the enemy of my enemy. That is reason enough to keep his secrets safe. 

For now anyway. 

So instead I will talk about the Asylum itself... Maybe a bit more about the Oathbreakers. The Asylum was evidently founded by an Oathbreaker named Dr. Mikhail Adler, as an easy way to acquire test subjects and carriers for disease. Magog's coven forced out Adler's coven and took over about fifteen years ago. 

Magog's Coven, as I previously had said, has some unorthodox views and methods compared to the other covens. Of course, given their tendency to cure disease as much as spread it, they are seen as more pacifistic compared to other covens. Which explains why Magog dresses like the Dark Lord Sauron was eaten by SCP-049. He cannot allow his coven to look like easy prey... Which, given the amount of weapons I have seen stored here, is certainly not the case.

Before anyone asks, No. No I cannot get into their weapon rooms. They made it clear I would be shot on sight if I tried. 

What else... The Patients come in three varieties. The cosmetic type, which exists mainly to ensure the Asylum looks normal and well functioning. The testing type, who are the unlucky souls subjected to the various diseases and potential cures. All for the good cause of science though... The third variety are referred to as "The Afflicted" by most of the Oathbreakers.

I have not seen much of them... And I do mean that literally. While I haven't seen any living Afflicted, I have seen what they leave behind. Rotting gelatinous globs of flesh sticking to the ground. Blood and pus everywhere around them... Magog's aide referred to them as "Post Testing Patients" and mentioned their sensitivity to light, and that they are extremely infectious unless proper precautions are in place. Hence why they were scrubbing the cell with all the flesh, blood and pus. 

So there are clearly some horrors here... But with any luck I shall continue to avoid them. For now, we wait until Magog's Plan B comes to pass. I do not cherish the thought of becoming bait again, but if I must so be it.


  1. I really would've thought you were smarter than that, Echo. Something stinks. Be careful.

  2. Oh god, proxies kill people. How appalling.

    Better go team up with the assholes who make diseases so foul they literally turn people into piles of mush and threaten anyone stupid enough to get close enough to investigate (99% of humanity) with a similar fate after a mobile period to act as a carrier to spread that shit to even more people.

    But proxies kill people. So good on you.

    1. It's the lesser of two evils, I suppose.

      But really, Cat. The Slender Man is tormenting Echo. The Plague Doctor is not.

      Do you honestly expect him to give up on his quest?

    2. I expect him not to side with the greater of two evils to fight the lesser of two evils.