Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As predicted. Am suffering from painful migraine. Human mind not able to fully comprehend It. Mere presence evokes a sort of primal fear. Utterly uncontrollable and wild. Mad Panic. Could not resist. Found myself suffering from effects long after initial exposure. Including now. May be slightly incoherent or odd acting as a result of lingering influence. Still. Useful for future analysis when mind is operating normally again.

Anonymous commenter implies that telepathy is indeed within It's power. Testing could prove problematic. Logically though. Must assume the worst. So It has telepathy. How can telepathy be disrupted? How does it work? Can It sense the chemicals excreted by the brain? Feel the electrical signals? What is the range? Perhaps unlimited?

Mr. Incognito commenter suggests reliance on fight or flight instinct when confronted. Fighting is out of the question. Previous attempt at using firearms had no effect whatsoever. Flesh is resistant to blunt force trauma and cutting. Flight is only option. Must limit time indoors to avoid being cornered again.

Reliable family friend sending missing components for experiments. May cancel the order. Telepathy promoted too many variables. Can simply be feigning weakness. Can simply be evading traps. Suspect am looking in the wrong places.


Need to find fellow prey. Examination may provide insight. Need to find Proxy. Similar potential benefits. Less likely to cooperate. Coercion may be required. Need to brush up on human biology. Need to find any nearby proxy groups. Without giving self away. Cannot risk betraying location to proxies. But how?

Should perhaps recount the hows and whys of my encounter. Was setting up storage area for supplies. Lost track of time. Began noticing tell tale signs of It's presence. Electrical interference and distortions. Lights flickering. Learned quickly that iPod is excellent early warning tool. Music turns to white noise prior to attacks. Most of the time. This time proved no exception. Attempted to make way to the exit when the doors opened. It's size. The length of it's limbs. Blocked the exit entirely. Rare occasion. It walked inside. Method of walking was strange. Footsteps utterly silent. Crossed Salt lines with no difficulty or change in behavior. Was panicking. Filled with... Utter terror. Mindless and all consuming. Just wanted to escape. Threw salt bags at It. No effect. No reaction. It kept coming. Closer and Closer. Held aloft Holy symbols. No effect. No reaction. No way to stop it. Nearly backed self into a corner before realizing the disadvantages of the position. Smashed nearby window with hammer and jumped out. Ran to car. Way was blocked. It stood in my path motionless. Did not risk finding out how long it would wait before moving. Hitched ride from passing car. Improvised story about being attacked by a man. Was taken to police station. Passed It standing in a nearby alleyway as we left. Arrived at station filed a report and went to get car.

Risk of police officers doubting story were erased when car was found. Windshield was shattered, mirrors were broken with traces of blood. Symbols were carved into the sides and hood of the car. These symbols had come up in my research. Circle with an X. Markings were obvious give away to Proxies. Drove car into a river to hide it. 

Current objective is to find fellow prey and a proxy. May be the key to understanding how Dumah's telepathy works. If telepathy can be blocked. May be able to have a reprieve from It's torment and possibly figure a way to deal with it more permanently.


  1. So that's how IT does IT's mind games, telepathy.

    So far I had found only one way of blocking them off, but it is one you might not be able to access and therefore, will have to look for another way.

    I block those mind games of IT's, without really blocking them, IT goes trough my head everyday for all I know, but when IT decides to mess with my thoughts, I just remind myself of the mission at hand and that other distractions IT is trying to provide are pointless, believe it, or not, it works.

    Your mental state must be only about one thing, and that is the mission you are currently on, clearly if IT can drive you into that kind of breakdown, then there is something else you are thinking about, another goal, maybe false hope.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. Always hope. Don't want to die. See Dumah. See Death. Afraid to die.

      It can transfer thoughts and ideas into minds? Oh God. Hope you are wrong.

      Must ask. What can't It do? If there is nothing It cannot do. Does that make it God?

    2. IT can and IT can do a lot more.

      Your going to have to make w whole list if you want to know what IT is capable of, but remember to save up some space, because there are always new capabilities you never could have known about.

      God, or Satan, doesn't matter, all you have to know is that nothing is immortal, or indestructible. All it takes is the right application of force. Somehow IT came into life, so there is a way to get IT out.

      Good luck.

      - Mr. Incognito

  2. I don't believe anyone has ever seen Him fly. That's something, right?

    There was a boy a while back who took to the waters to be rid of Him. Sailed away. Don't know what the end result was for that attempt, however, since the one he was in connection with wasn't all that... "reliable" himself, shall we say?

    Maybe you should test to see if He can swim~