Friday, January 25, 2013


Seems escape was just in time. Received phone call from friend at work. Several strange men in black coats and hats came in looking for me. Didn't like the looks of them, so gave me a call to see if anything was wrong. Told him to call police if men came back. Very dangerous. Part of gang with cult tendencies. Didn't technically lie.

Companion is bit dim. Well-Meaning though. Hard worker. This is Good. Escape won't be easy. Dumah knows we left. It watched. Could feel It constantly until we left county borders. Still some distance from pre-prepared safe house. As said. Was prepared for this eventuality. Still. Journey extremely dangerous. Can't be certain safe house is even safe. Many potential things to go wrong.

Confess, am afraid. Leaving safety of home town behind. Knew the streets. Knew the people. Knew the land. Knew the dark corners. Could have possibly evaded them there. But would have been temporary. Would have had to leave eventually. Might not have had such an easy time.

Took resources to conduct experiments with. Need to find good time and place to set up. Now that have help, should be quicker and easier. Will post again when arrived at safe house.


  1. You should just SURRENDER NOW and tell me where you are so I can BURN YOU DOWN before the TALL FUCKING TRAITOR finds you.

  2. Leaving your own familiar surroundings is hard, but it is also beneficial, this way you will learn to improvise better, before this you had everything planned, there are certain times you will have to be creative.

    Improvisation is unpredictable, unpredictable means escape, escape means a couple of extra hours of life.

    Hope your still alive, 5 days of absence, not much, but still enough.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. Still Alive. Had unpleasant delays.