Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gathering of Prey

Not Good. Very Bad. Location compromised? No signs of Proxy activity. Definitely a Runner. Saw him. Shifty eyed, well traveled. Satchel with personal possessions. Operator Symbol on laptop. Idiot. Moron. Spotted it from outside and across the street. Like he is trying to be caught...


Followed him home. Was careful. Knew the owner of the motel. Used that as excuse to drop in. Will contemplate next move during nightly preparations. Need to act fast though. Proxies could be near if isn't a proxy already. Will get what is needed from him regardless. Own safety is priority. Threats will be removed.

Had other things planned to talk about. Mind is occupied with current troubles. Hard not to panic. Will perhaps discuss ideas some other time. Must get ready.


  1. I'm sorry, I was having a hard time reading that over you constantly breaking your sentences.

    Did you just say you were maneuvering yourself to take out another runner?

  2. Either your making fun of him, either your just too dumb to understand, unlike you I understand everything perfectly.

    So your idea is using a runner as bait, I would have a problem with that if it were a valuable runner, but this one seems to sound like an idiot, so he is disposable.

    But keep in mind, could very well be a trap.

    -Mr. Incognito.

    1. Actually. Plan is neither elimination nor baiting. Waste of precious resources.

      Could easily be trap. Taking every precaution to ensure safety. Moving with assumption that it is proxy in disguise.

  3. Here's a bit of food for thought.

    You're thinking of eliminating a Runner.

    You're thought pattern goes along the line that your own safety requires it. No choice.

    What if... Father has made you His puppet already? And you're just not aware. You could already be dancing on your strings like a good little toy, following His influence and will.

    Maybe He wants you to take out this admittedly idiotic Runner.

    Now. What say you to THAT?

    1. Irrelevant. If am serving as "puppet" just means will be surviving longer. All that matters.

    2. Actually, no. But a Puppet on His strings doesn't mean you'll be surviving longer. There's a chance of it, but considering He's the one in control and He doesn't really seem to comprehend the limits of the Human mind and body... no. Life expectancy could drastically shorten.

      Try again.