Thursday, January 24, 2013


Thought this blog thing would be a cool idea to help... Uh... Echo with. Granted I had to rewrite this hello post like five times before he would let me post it. Bitching about giving away to much information and giving hints to our enemies. Now that don't make much sense to me, the Tall fella seems to be able to track us pretty easy, and always seems to know where we are at a given time.

Ain't seen hide nor hair of any proxies. Reckon their too busy with their own problems. If I was followed to town, then we lost em. See, Echo's post fore this one had a big old lie in it. He said we would leave when the post got posted. We actually left bout five hours ago. Hoped it would confuse any proxies.

Now I was gonna mention my name and... When this mess started and all that. But Echo won't let me. Personally I think he's being a bit too paranoid. What I am gonna mention is that I was sent to find Echo and told he'd help by a fortune teller in my home town. Guy named Yuri. He's... Ukrainian or something. He also told me that putting that weird circle symbol with the "X" in it would keep proxies and stuff from looking in my computer. Echo tells me that's bullshit. So apparently Yuri's bad news. Slightly worse than a proxy but short of the Tall Feller himself. Speakin of him, Echo saw him a lot as we were packing up. Never saw him this time myself, but it was sure incentive to pack up quicker. Can't say what we're driving neither.

Now I don't know if I rightfully like Echo all that much. I understand he was just being cautious when he shoved a rag with some weird smelling chemical in it on my face. Chloroform or something. What has me bothered it his weird obsession with dissecting things. It ain't healthy if you ask me. Whole idea of killing people seems wrong to me. And I was forced to delete the rest of this paragraph cause it talked about stuff that "proxies could use to get an advantage over us" or something.

So that's all. Might be using the blog from time to time, if Echo don't mind. I would create my own blog thing, but that takes a lot of time and effort that is better spent doing other things. So... Uh... Bye.

-Not Echo


  1. I'm going to name you... Notch...

    ... Yeah. Seems... good enough I guess. Appropriate for someone that was gonna get dissected.

    Important question, how uh... do you go about trusting someone who was going to cut you up like a stake and is literally using you like a mule?

    You obviously read the last post, why are you still with him? Are you retarded?

    1. Well I ain't convinced that he would have actually done it. Don't think Echo's as bad as he seems on here. Little too amoral for his own good, but given the circumstances I can't really blame him.

      Besides this whole situation's got me spooked pretty bad, it's nice to have some company. Even if his mood swings from paranoid wreck to cold and quiet every couple minutes.

      And I ain't a pack mule per se. Just a bigger guy, means I can carry more. Ain't like Echo's not carrying his share. I don't really mind helping people out anyway.

      -Not Echo (Because I think Notch is already taken)

    2. Its your funeral, N.E.

      Don't say I didn't warn ya.