Friday, January 18, 2013


Believe to be fairly recovered from the recent attack. Wondering when next attack will occur. Happens enough and will perhaps find a pattern? Would prefer never to see It again honestly.

Proxies are the key. It does not attack Proxies. Generally. Why is this? What makes a proxy a proxy? Clear that many proxies pay only lip service to It. Wish to save their own lives or use as excuse to commit acts of cruelty. Could become Proxy. High risk. Very low reward. Might buy time. Might end life even sooner. Might not even be accepted as proxy. Flip of the coin. Don't like taking chances.

Interesting group. Proxies. Seem to come in two forms with various sub forms. Most visible group are eccentric murderers and mastermind figures. Observed the writings of Morningstar, Nightscream, D. Banks and Rhodes. Eccentric murderers. Penchant for the theatrical in most cases. Bizarre personality quirks. Tendency to be unpredictable. Morningstar seemed to be predictably so. A severe weakness. D. Banks is of the unpredictable variant. Or perhaps was. Strange world we live in. Nightscream seemed likewise unpredictable, but love of dramatics makes more predictable than D. Banks. Rhodes more predictable that Nightscream, less than Morningstar. Proxies such as these seem to make up majority of blogging proxies. Most visible assassins.

Sub group of this is the mastermind type. Main examples seem to be Redlight, and Fracture. Former Proxy organization collectively serves as another example. Redlight obviously biggest threat of the three. Fracture being least threatening and competent. Need to finish reading account of C. Delmont and dig up Redlight appearance on R. Sagel account before making analysis of Redlight. Proxy hierarchy even more enigmatic with leadership largely unknown. Irrelevant now that dismantled, but would be helpful understanding the mindset. Fracture clearly intelligent but hampered by incompetent employees and occasional bouts of poor judgement. Still. Would not want him anywhere near me.

Second Main group of proxies form silent majority and backbone of cult. Anonymous drones. Seem to have a tendency to wear masks to hide identities. Something eccentrics need not worry about. Would guess the eccentrics serve to draw attention away from less personable drone types. Likely account for majority of proxy related runner deaths, despite what eccentrics claim. Growing worry of possible drone involvement in current hunt. Could deprive me of relative peace when It is not actively attacking. Make preparation and experimentation difficult.

Need to discover the following:

A. How are proxies created? Choice clearly not major factor in servitude. Something else is cause.

B. What links between proxy minds and It's. Various accounts report instances of "whispers" allegedly by Dumah. Sever the link. Proxy ceases to be a Proxy. Can then use to try and do same for Runner link. Chemical involved in brain? Secretion from Dumah? Pheromones? Direct injection via tendrils?

Need also to lure prey. Considering scribbling operator symbols over places likely visited by tourists. People who need to keep moving. Could easily give position away to Proxies. Already prepared to move. Would be annoying though. Support base here. Familiar territory. Familiar people. Loss of shelter.

If have to run. Should avoid cities? Or avoid towns? Both? Father taught me to live off the land effectively enough. Native American blood runs strong in veins. Can't say which tribe. Could help them narrow down search.

Hmmm. Good to talk to something. Feels nice to put thoughts to words. Questions. Conformation of existence.

Wonder when It will come back.


  1. As many of encounters as I had with proxies, one in particular who is following me and managed to actually get into my blog once. He kept on blabbing how all of the proxies choose to serve IT of their own accord. I don't know, don't really dwell that deep into such things.

    I know they serve IT, they are my enemy, I kill my enemies, that's it.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. Proxies notorious liars. Information gained from them unreliable at best.

      That said. Potential telepathic link to It worth looking into. If nothing else. This allows me to learn the enemy's mindset. Tactics. Predicting Proxies no doubt helpful to defeating them.

    2. But at most times it is also reliable. You are never too sure with them.

      I doubt they have any link to IT, but then again, I didn't look into it at all. Trying to predict their movement and action is pointless, you, yourself said that their unreliable, which proves that their tactics always change, if you want to predict every single one of them, then I suggest you get yourself lots of paper, you will have a lot of writing down to do.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Poor judgement? What poor judgement?

    How about you work on your broken sentence structure before you start sassing people, eh? Ass.

    1. Let current success ratio speak for self. Excellent work recruiting D. Banks to your organization.

      Also. Cat Picture extremely non-threatening. Suggest you get more menacing display picture. Difficult to take seriously as threat when the desire to toss Meow Mix at picture consumes initial thoughts.

      Furthermore. Do not "sass." Merely make observations.