Monday, January 14, 2013


Searched for what I can regarding Dumah. Most seem to refer to It as "The Slender Man" or some variant thereof. That name strikes me as only partially accurate. While indeed slender, hesitate to call It a man. Too human of a word. Human is the one thing am positive It is not. Ergo shall continue referring to It as Dumah.

Several useful accounts were easily found. The problem found was that majority of the accounts were written by those now dead and gone. Meaning they failed to rid themselves of It's presence. This is of some concern as many of the accounts were by individuals who seemed by all rights to be intelligent and pragmatic. Nevertheless cannot lose hope.

A recurring rule that was encountered in my research was "Get up High." This rule is clearly wrong. Nearly every account read has disproved the theory with It appearing at the top of even large buildings to pursue prey. Being at the top of a building also limits methods of escape. Ergo will not be making that mistake.

As of now. It has been three days since last encounter with It. The encounter has left me in fairly poor condition. Nursing multiple lacerations in my back and painful bruises along my neck and arms. This is somewhat at odds with accounts read. Many show It simply taking It's prey and vanishing. Or being beaten off. My own experience has shown me It is immune to blunt force trauma with metal baseball bat. If anything, contact with Dumah harmed bat more than creature's body. Escape was allowed only by the creature flinging me through a window. Thus the lacerations. Was blind luck that was not more damaged.

The account of a homeless woman. Combined with experience with creature in home. Combined with It's seeming preference for daylight attacks. Combined with It's unwillingness to attack sleeping victims (As evidenced from multiple accounts with few, if any, attacks while the prey are sleeping). Has convinced to adopt a nocturnal schedule. Sleeping in outdoor conditions only, to maximize escape routes.

Have also found evidence of a cult or other type of organized force of humans serving or worshiping It. Fortunately I appear to have entered the hunt at the lowest point in the group's recent history. Previous leaders appear dead. The most active group remaining belongs to individual calling himself Fracture. Based on recent success ratio and personality traits shown by Fracture and employees. It is clear they are far less dangerous than previous iteration of group. Highly incompetent and inefficient.

Incompetence aside, raises several questions. How do these "Proxies," as they are called, receive orders from It? Why does It even have servants? Enjoyment at being worshiped? Unlikely. Perhaps It uses them as hunter would dogs to entrap prey? Perhaps. However It has consistently shown that it has absolutely no need for something like that. If these servants, dogs, get involved in hunt. I must make sure to collect one of them for study.

Until that time comes. Will be conducting various other experiments to see whether or not this creature can be harmed. Perhaps even killed. Others have performed experiments, but mental states and sheer inconsistency with the results forces to regard their accounts with an amount of skepticism.

Shall conduct an experiment for each hypothesis frequently raised by prey to see if any can be used to gain insight into creature's nature:

Hypothesis 1: Dumah is a Fairy/Fae
Experiment: Striking/Stabbing/Shooting with Cold Iron.
Difficulty: Procuring Cold Iron. Cold Iron being merely a dramatic name for regular iron. Shall need to acquire a weapon made of pure iron to be completely sure of effect on It.

Hypothesis 2: Dumah is a Ghost/Spirit
Experiment: Utilizing salt to ward it off.
Difficulty: While table salt and sea salt will be obvious and simple to acquire, pure rock salt may be more problematic.

Hypothesis 3: Vulnerability to electrocution
Experiment: Using a taser on It.
Difficulty: Need to find something more potent than a mere taser.

Hypothesis 5: Dumah is a Demon
Experiment: Attempting to use holy water or religious symbols offensively.
Difficulty: Need to acquire various religious symbols to be completely sure.

Hypothesis 6 & 7: Dumah is an Angel/God, Dumah is a Cthulhu-esque Horror
Experiment: Unknown. Angels and Gods do not tend to be fought often to any success. Know of no weapons believed to have an effect. As for Cthulhu-esque horrors, their very nature would be incomprehensible. An accurate description. But leaves little room for exploitable weakness.

Sadly, Hypothesis 7 is the one suspect to be accurate. If so, have little in the way of options aside from fleeing for the rest of my, inevitably short, life.

Let us hope I am wrong.


  1. I will ease your Experiment list and tell you to cross out Holy Water, someone tried that, didn't work.

    From all these experiments you have listed, I think Electricity might work real nicely. First off, I have never seen anyone use electricity against IT, but maybe someone did and I missed it. Second, IT has an ability to stretch IT's body, which means IT is partially some sort of liquid that allows IT to achieve that effect. As we know Electricity has a large effect on Liquid like objects.

    Don't forget that there are not only organizations that serve IT, there are also organizations that hunt IT and IT's servants down (Lethal ways, of course).

    My presumption as of why Proxies work for IT is the following:

    1. They believe it will gift them something (I encountered lots of Proxies in my time and jut before the second I was about to kill them, they would speak out such nonsense like "He promised" e.t.c.).

    2. Parent figure (For some of them IT is a father/mother figure in some sick twisted way.).

    3. In my opinion most dangerous ones, sane Proxies with their own goals (Those join up with IT just because IT has similar goals as they do, or they just love inflicting pain on others and IT helps them.)

    So far I like your observation skills, you take into aspect every detail, never lose that focus, otherwise you will "lose".

    Good luck.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. Nevertheless. Given the inconsistencies in what works and what does not. I must test everything as thoroughly as possible.

      The London Librarian blog mentioned utilizing electricity to some unusual effect on It. Being partially liquid is an interesting hypothesis. Still. What I hit was rather solid. Perhaps It can change It's state? Perhaps that is how it "teleports." Becoming a gas perhaps.

      Why the servants serve It is less of interest to me than why It allows them to at all. The psychology of humans, no matter how depraved or delusional, is a simple matter based around simple concepts. It is not nearly so simple I fear.

      Not every aspect I fear.