Monday, January 14, 2013


It was here.

This was fortunate though. Was allowed to test the effects of salt upon the creature. Results were inconclusive to say the least. No reaction to speak of. Salt lines did nothing. Neither sea salt nor table salt. Even tried tossing the damn bags at it. Nothing. NOTHING.


Doubted that it would work. Was hasty. Flashed Holy symbol necklaces at It. No effect. Did not impede advance in the slightest. Escape routes limited indoors. Can't stay there. Need room to run. Can't hide. Only run.

Shaking now. Lingering effect of exposure. Can't get image out of my mind. Standing there. Just Standing at first. Then came forward. Those things coming out of It. Can't... Must remember though. Details. Details. Attack. Actions. Everything. Turn negative to positive.

It's head did not move. Ever. Even when moved out of direct line of sight. Implies sensory organs not found in head. Maybe not a head? Maybe a fake head. Looks like a head. Animals use similar tactics. Fake head. Draws attacks away from real one? So where are the eyes?

No. No No No. Hypothesis is flawed. Moved head to look before when... Moved to look at me. Certainly sensed presence. Moved against me shortly after, keeping head area locked on. Why not this time? Is It... Taunting me? Throwing out contradictions to confuse me? Mind Games.

Yes. Likely. Mind Games are standard modus operandi of Dumah according to all accounts.

But... But why? Why would It think I was looking specifically for things like this? How did It know that is why I stared at the head instead of running? Thousand other things could have been testing. Telepathy? Impossible. Can't exist. Can't. Ha Ha. Just like 8ft Stick Men who eat children. Those don't exist either RIGHT?


Maybe was just... Maybe just felt like looking with head previously? Did not feel like it this time? Maybe no rhyme or reason to actions. Only... Ha. MADNESS. Yes. Yes. Madness yes. But also purpose. Purpose is to kill. To DEVOUR.


Cannot forget my purpose either. Need sleep. Will have proper analysis up tonight at midnight.


  1. Losing your shit isn't a very good plan in the middle of a showdown with IT.

    First thing you have to remember, is that everything IT does, all of it is possible and questioning the reality of it is pointless.

    The only thing that must be on your mind during such a confrontation is either an attack plan (Which is a rare thing), or an escape plan (Most important). Nothing more, nothing less.

    Keep it together, otherwise your as good as fucked, or maybe even worse.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Not telepathy? My, my. What an optimist you are! Believing that what lies inside your mind belongs only to you. That you alone own all those... wonderful little thoughts that crawl through your brain like maggots through a corpse.

    You own nothing anymore, little one.

    Not your body.

    Not your mind.

    Not your soul.

    You belong to Him now.

    His to Hunt.

    His to Break.

    His to Have. To Take. To Shred.