Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Not Proxy. Just idiot. Blog irrelevant now. Have someone to talk to. Not especially bright though. Limited understanding of what am trying to accomplish.


On second thought, maybe blog is good idea.

Original plan was a bust shortly after interrogation began. Intended to dissect and examine any abnormalities in body. Then realized I was an idiot and should focus on the brain first. X-Rays. Brain MRI. Everything. Anything that could tell me which parts are most active when It is around, or tell me if the brain has been damaged or reshaped in any way by It's abilities. Then I would dissect him.

Was setting everything up and in the process of ensuring he could not remove himself from the machines when he asked if I was my real name.

Stopped the procedure and threatened him with knife and accused of being a proxy. Perhaps lost my cool too much. He mentioned being told to seek me out by a fortune teller named Yuri Polzin. I know that name. I had read it in another blog. This is not good.

We are moving. Am taking everything I can with me. Quitting job. Already made most preparations weeks ago when haunting first began. Dragging the idiot with me. Useful for heavy lifting. Forcing him to read rules written prior in case of this situation. Wish to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Considered possibility of double prey meaning double attraction to Dumah. Also means more visible. Conversely. Means extra firepower against inevitable proxy attack. Also means reliable ally. For as reliable as an idiot can be. 


More personally. Will allow me to sleep better. Doubt it will last.

Leaving as soon as this post comes up.

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