Thursday, February 21, 2013


You know, I've lost friends and... Family before... To see em in a coffin, looking so peaceful... It's strange now... I never seen a man die right in front of me like that... I just... It's funny, when as the funeral for my papaw, I was looking at him in the casket and... Well... Looking back on it, he was peaceful and... It felt like he had gone to a better place. But Silas? That was... It was just... So much worse. It was horrible. That ain't how a man should die. No man deserves to die like that. God help him. God... Wipe that memory from my brain... I don't want to keep seeing the blood and those... Those Demons. Those hellspawned bastards.

Echo isn't really taking it well. Lotta reasons I think. I don't think he's as bothered with the... How of Silas' death. He seems torn up about the fact of it. That was his uncle, and they seemed pretty close. But what's more is the fact he was Echo's last hope. I didn't really know what to expect myself, but Echo seemed convinced this would be how he solves this problem. So we pretty much got no direction now. No hope.

I think hope was what we were running on. Might a been foolish of us. But... underneath all the negativity and fear was a little bit of hope that we could get outta this alive. But watching a man get killed like that it... It just sucks the hope right out of ya. Just replaces it with a... Feeling. A dark and empty feeling, just crushing you down beneath it.

We ain't even risking sleeping in hotels now. Just sleep in the van, keys in the ignition and one foot on the pedal. Tall Bastard and those murdering demons ain't shown up since the fire, but it's only a matter o time...

We need help. I don't know if anyone out there reading this can do it, but we need help. Please. Please help us. Please.




    Hold on boys, we're on the way! I repeat, relief is on the way.

    Freshly loaded hot lead is currently being rush ordered to you ASAP. Once arrived it's all you need to put those tired minds at ease.

    Just hold on, death is on the way!
    Seriously though, I give you a week. A week and a day tops.

  2. I wouldn't count you out yet, hope dies last.

    This state is known all too well to me, first comes fear, then revenge, then hope, then desperation, and after all those things disappear, nothing is left inside but a cold, rock.

    Your practically starting to live like me, sleeping in the Van, always cautious, always on the edge, with every feeling inside of you slowly dieing out.

    It's a curse to live like that and I do not wish it upon anyone. That is why I mostly go around commenting, trying to help people out as much as I can, encourage them to not give up. Once you start living like me, like a cold emotionless creature, once this whole "game" is over, you will never be able to return to your normal lives.

    I'm already damned for ever, but I chose it to be like that, you on the other hand did not and I suggest you do not. If you want to truly survive trough this, not only physically, but also mentally, then you have to keep on hoping, no matter how hard shit hits the fan.

    Good luck.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  3. Be careful, you two. And don't let this wear you down too much, or you'll be easy pickings for anything out there.