Monday, February 4, 2013


Idiot did not inform of last post. Gives proxies insight into behavior and thoughts. Dangerous. Very dangerous. Too late to take post down now. Will try to be more vigilant in future.

Experiments not proceeding well. Barely had time to test out iron on It during the... The attack on the hotel. Iron proved worthless. Could not draw blood. Worthless dagger. Broken dagger now. Intend to use silver next time. Costly. Doubt it will work.

Idiot did not mention bad news. Yesterday. Received call from Hotel Manager. Strange men matching description of ones who visited my former workplace looking for us at hotel. Manager sent them off in the wrong direction. Good. Hopefully bought us time.

Appearance there raises questions. Assumed they use blog to track us. May not be case. Were searching for us AT hotel. Blog clearly says we were gone. Then how did they find out we were there? Maybe rumors of the... Attack. But how did they track us to town? We were careful. Took every precaution. Took unnecessary long routes and doubled back at places. Makes no sense. How are they doing it?


Despite idiot's mistake. Proving to be useful assistant. Quick learner, despite possessing little previous education. Doubt he ever went to college. Still. Hard worker. Doesn't complain. Good for morale. Strong moral compass may prove useful. Did convince him to shoot confirmed proxies on sight. In the legs.

Hmm. Suspect proxies following not affiliated with Fracture. Would not be acting so strangely. Perhaps another proxy faction? Can guess that eccentrics not involved. Would be more obvious. Somewhat thankful. Hate to deal with cannibals and maniacs. Messy business.

Probably need to stick close to the Idiot. It only attacked me... When I was alone. Previous sighting also had me alone. Might make attacks less frequent. Or simply increase risk to the Idiot. Seems lucky so far. It shows preference for me. Has not attacked him since we joined up. No sightings either. Unsure how to feel about this. Unnerving.

Calm before storm?

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  1. I was going to send someone. I got something that resembled a strict 'No.' I'm usually one to argue a point but... that was a VERY strict 'No.'