Sunday, February 24, 2013

Broad Daylight

Seem to have readers now. Can't be sure any are Proxies, Kelevra, Fracture and Picasso aside. Thus feel need to keep frightened whimpering minimum. That said. Two Days ago was first time It appeared in highly public place. Middle of Day.

Terrified though we are about leaving the van, we have a nomadic lifestyle. No growing food, and food stores don't last long. Had to go to the grocery store. Did not think It would appear in such crowded place. Was wrong.

It was way some children were acting that made me notice. Heads collectively turned, smiling, pointing. No trace of fear. It stood two aisles away. Towering over the rows, head tilted slightly to side. Stared at it for time. Took another shopper patting me on shoulder to snap out of. I was pale, looked frightened and sweating. Was asked if needed ambulance. Quickly departed store.

Making matters worse. Noticed piece of paper among groceries. Had strange symbol on it. Guessing person who checked on me was proxy. Unsure what symbol means, if anything. Suspect it meant to scare us.

Suffice to say. Did not work. Proxies can feel pain. Proxies can die. Would be upgrade from current situation, albeit not welcome one. Not that I would complain about killing proxies. Want to do something that hurts Dumah. Hurts It like It hurt me


Difficult to keep in mind the pointlessness of vengeance. Cannot let anger cloud judgement. Would be death of us both.


  1. Correct, revenge is something you don't want on your side at this point.

    But anger, keep that, anger is a feeling, as long as you have any, your a human being and being a human being is the strongest weapon against IT.

    If IT appeared in broad daylight, then that means IT's interest in you has grown higher, which is always bad.

    Stay safe.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. I have a hard time believing that killing proxies would actually hurt it. The Monster doesn't seem the type to need people...

    1. If that were the case, IT would have been dead long time ago. So yeah I agree with you, killing of proxies wouldn't hurt IT.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. I know it wouldn't physically hurt It. But I like to think it has a connection to it's servants. Kill them, maybe... Cause mental anguish? Feeling of Loss?

    3. I doubt IT cares about IT's servants, if anything, it has been proven numerous times that IT will kill IT's servants for no good reason, sorry to say, but I really doubt you would be able to cause damage mentally that way.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. They're right you know. You're just gonna piss off other proxies.

      We aren't exactly known for being friendly, but you can make friends doing just about anything these days. I blame the internet... and hip hop.

    5. FUCK THAT. Kill them all.

      Golden rule, someone tries to kill you, YOU KILL THEM RIGHT BACK.

      Let someone try to many times and they'll eventually figure it out.

    6. How pathetic, kill them back? HA! What a foolish idea, IT WILL JUST SPOIL DA FUN!

      I mean think about it, if someone comes close to killing you, SHOULDN'T YOU LEAVE THEM ALIVE!? Because every time you and that entity meet, you will cause destruction, every meeting, will follow up with destruction, glorious, fun DESTRUCTION!

      What is death without destruction!? NOTHING! NOTHING!

      You kill everyone, and what next!? I'll tell you! NOTHING! BOREDOM! EMPTINESS! SILENT DESTRUCTION! MENTAL DESTRUCTION!

      That is them most boring type of it! MOST BORING! If you can not appreciate that, then you are the one who should follow up with death, and not by getting killed, no, no, no.

      You deserve a death by accident! A stupid death! A death which causes nothing! That is what you deserve, ALONG WITH YOUR STUPID ASS GOLDEN RULES!