Sunday, February 3, 2013


I do really like this blogging thing. Used to I could just talk to my daddy about problems or this and that, but I guess this is something he's better off not knowing about. Family was about all I got, until lately... Echo'd probably get mad if I started really venting my feelings on here, but maybe it'd be alright if I was all vague and stuff. He don't even know I'm typing this post up... But it feels right, you know?

I wonder if my family's figured out something's really wrong. They know I was acting funny before I took off. Still alive though, and I guess I should be thankful for that. Echo thinks there is something bad going on with me due to who recommended me to him. A fortune teller named Yuri. Always thought he was a funny fella. Accent reminded me of that guy from the old Dracula movie. Now, I never really used his services before recently, but I always heard tell that he was a real fortune teller. Not just a phony.

Course, Echo seems to recognize the name from somewhere. Thinks he's a Proxy or something. I can't really say for certain myself. I never saw him kill anybody. Place where I'm from ain't exactly a violent place. Some folks rob each other, but killings ain't too common.

Now I don't really know all that much at proxies, but I gotta wonder... What could drive a man to kill someone? I just can't wrap my head around it. Ain't no reason that could ever justify taking a man's life in cold blood like that... I mean I'll defend myself and my family and friends if I need to and all, but even in self-defense I'm not sure I'd ever kill someone.

Echo explained the whole proxy types thing to me. "Eccentrics" and "Faceless" he called em. All I could think about it... Why? What would drive em to serve the Tall Fella. That thing ain't human and it certainly ain't good. Now I'm no philosopher or anything, but don't people generally do what they think is good and right? What kind of person could see that evil thing as Good? I just don't get it. I really don't.

I killed animals before. Hell, I love hunting. But there are a lotta factors that go into hunting deer. Deer population gets too big and... Needs thinning out. Could be dangerous to the population for it to be eating all the food in an area. Hunting keeps the population stable. And I don't just leave the body where it fell. You kill it you eat it... Use every part of it you can.

Is that the way proxies see people? Maybe like deer with a population that needs thinning out? Still don't make a lick of sense to me... Hope they don't use every part of their kill. That's disgusting.

Alrighty... I guess I'll go on now. Stuff to do that I can't tell you about cause Echo would have a fit. Goodbye.

-Not Echo


  1. Hey "Not Echo" tell me buddy, you describe everything so nicely and goodly, I just feel butterflies tingling in the back of my head!

    But tell me this, with all this "Good" and "Bad" thematics you got going around here, tell me, are you really a "good" person?

    If so, then explain to me how can you tell? Hmm? Your good only because your afraid to make a horrible sin, your afraid of not being able to cope with it, you are good because you fear. And as we all know, every thing that is done out of fear, has absolutely no moral value.

    Look at me, I killed plenty of people and I keep on doing it, because I know there is nothing more than destruction up ahead, so why not have fun.

    Incognito on the other hand, is a good person, he takes many lives, he took lives before he embarked on this "Game" of ours, he used to kill criminals, just simply murder them, but he never killed a good person, that is how I know that he is a Good Person.

    You, my friend, you are nothing, and unless you actually grow a pair, you will continue to be nothing and "nothing" people don't get to judge others.

    - Kelevra

    1. Killing people is never good. It ain't necessarily bad neither. At best it's a shade of gray. Me? I don't like shades of gray and I don't like the dark neither. So I stay in the white whenever possible.

      Does that make me a good person? Can't rightfully make that judgement. Leave it up to the good lord and other people's judgements. But I certainly don't do what I think is right out of fear. I do it cause I think it's the right thing to do.

      Lemme ask you something though Kelevra, you mention Mr. Incognito as good... But you don't say nothing concrete about yourself. No Good, no Bad. You just gave what you did and expected me to judge it as however I see it. But that don't matter does it. How do you see it? Are you Good? Or Bad?

      And I do apologize if I offended you with my "judgement", it wasn't my intent.

      -Not Echo

  2. What could drive one man to kill another? Desperation, Fear, Desire, Apathy, and a Genuine Belief that the act is a Just and Righteous deed.

    Not that I would know.