Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Secrecy is Meaningless

THEY KNEW! THEY KNEW WHERE WE WERE. God DAMMIT all! How? I ERASED the trail, and I threw BREAD CRUMBS IN EVERY OTHER DIRECTION? They could NOT have found us! No... Human could have tracked us...

But we aren't dealing with humans are, we? No... No... We are dealing with bogeymen. Rumors manifest into reality. A demon, a god... Or something greater and far more terrible. But like a god, It has angels. Proxies? These were not proxies. Proxies are weak men and women, raving at the full moon, wearing garish masks to make themselves feel closer to their blasphemous god... They can be killed with steel or hot lead. Not so with these... abominations.

What GOOD is being analytic? Any analysis, any discovery... Any Rules, any THING I learn about Dumah and it's monstrous servants is subject to change! One day, one thing is true, the next it is false. Red is blue, black is white, up is down... There's no point to being scientific about this... Not that I'm a scientist in the first place. I am a Doctor. I am not a physicist or... In this case I suppose it would be more useful to be an occultist or a priest. I heal PEOPLE, I don't experiment with forces I can't even hope to grasp.

I tried. I tried hard. I put everything I was ever taught to use. My father, my mentor... Silas... I failed. I was clinging to hope. Clinging to the hope that maybe, just maybe, I could get out of this. With enough support anything is possible, right? Humanity can overcome anything? Can't it? No. No it can't. I know this. I knew this. My work taught me this EVERY DAY! Death, disease... Watching your loved ones fade away as their minds decay under some degenerative disease or another... I saw humans succumb time and time again. Why did I think I would be any different, facing something like this. That I could keep cool, calm... Analyze the situation, come up with a theory, a solution to mine and everyone else's problems... And then put it to use?


Yet... I suppose... Though bloody and broken.... Though I am... Though I have caused the death of one of the men I respected the most, by bringing this hell into his home... I must, if only to honor the memory of Silas Marsh, continue living. What else can I do?

But perhaps I should explain what just happened... We neglected to mention that we arrived at our destination, the home of my dear uncle Silas. He is... He was the family eccentric. In a family composed of, doctors and lawyers... Parents striving to make their children the cream of the crop, with no regard for what they want themselves... Silas always stood out as a black sheep. A vested interest in the occult. Hence why I chose to go to him for help. I hoped that the occult might be my salvation, should science prove insufficient.

Our arrival was warmly welcomed. I explained out situation to Silas long beforehand, and as expected, he believed me... Only a madman would believe a situation like this... Heh. God I cannot believe this... It's illogical. It's absurd... I wonder sometimes if it is even real. If I might... Wake up and find it was all a dream.

Silas was very dear to me. We kept in close contact throughout my life, he would entertain me with fairy tales and old folklore as a child... And as a grown man, he would call often and make sure things are all right.  Now... Now he is gone. Part of me wonders if I am to blame, bringing that DEVIL here...

We had intended to combine science with the occult. Use every method left open to us to combat It. Dumah... That wretched abomination... We set the trap quickly. Salt. Silver. Electricity. Strange Runes and sigils that Silas never fully bothered to explain. Crystals. Incenses. Everything. We were prepared for war.

Yet we were utterly unprepared for what was to come.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, don't lose your head tough, you waste your whole lifetime thinking about weather you brought death into his house, or not, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter, what happened, happened, all you can do about it, is deal with it.

    I will note that you were on the right track with the "supernatural", recently I had an encounter with IT, when all of a sudden IT got shot from somewhere, right in the head, IT was really hurt, let out such a loud screech that pierced my ears to the point where they were bleeding.

    I have all the clues that it was another creature like IT that attacked like that, a supernatural creature, so I do believe your on the right track.

    Keep it together.

    - Mr. Incognito.