Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just what we Needed...

The Tall Fella, those pale killers, maybe proxies, and now thugs. Just... Normal thugs. Not some crazy cult worshiping the Tall Fella. We were robbed by normal thugs...

We just gone in to a restaurant to get some warm food and when we came back, we noticed the door was unlocked. Our stuff had been gone through and our laptops were stolen. We got em back obviously, and I'll get to that inna minute. That really just... Confused me. Echo nearly had a little breakdown when he realized what happened. It's insane. Karma, Fate, God whatever you believe in... Shouldn't that have kept a bunch of two bit hoodlums out while we are dealing with what might as well be Old Scratch himself?

Good news is someone saw the thugs in action. Said they was part of some psycho motorcycle gang that call themselves "Timber Wolves." Personally, I think "Vultures" is more fittin. Bad news is that, since they were a motorcycle gang with no hang out, they were probably long gone.

The next two days were basically just us drivin around like a pair of headless chickens. Then, Wednesday, a few hours ago, We had walked outside the van to stretch our legs. Echo went to the bathroom at the rest stop and I just kind of leaned against the van. Didn't hear nor see nothing unusual. When Echo came out, he got a weird look on his face and ran to the other side of the van.

I thought maybe the Tall Fella was here again, but no. He told me to come to the other side of the van. So I did. Found that someone had carved a big old operator symbol on the side of the van, with a real sharp blade. Probably a long knife. We... Both mighta freaked out a bit. We both figured what had done this... But I swear I didn't see nothing.

It got worse when we opened the van. Cause guess what we found in there? Both our laptops and a couple bloody biker jackets with the picture of a big old wolf on the back. Echo has refused to touch the laptops or jackets, and I don't blame him. Why did they give us our laptops back? Why carve a big stupid symbol on the side of the van, when they coulda just killed us easy? I didn't see anything, and if they was able to do that so quietly, they could a killed me without me noticing easy.

And... I feel bad that those two punks had to die. Sure they robbed us, but that don't mean they deserve to die. Might a been just starved for money for food or supporting their families. I mean, sure, it could have just been to make a quick buck to fatten a wallet but... Don't we all want more money? It was wrong, yeah, but the punishment needs to fit the crime, and death ain't that punishment.

Granted they did scratch up our laptops pretty bad. Lots of weird messages like "Embrace the Archangel" cut in. Probably talking about Lucifer or something. Making themselves out as devil worshipers to seem tougher sounds like something a thug would do.


  1. Archangel has gotten more active as of past couple of months. You seem to be in the dark on this one, so let me enlighten you, Archangel is another one of those monsters, just like IT.

    Those bikers deserved to die, once you let a criminal away, they ruin other peoples lives, sure they could have did that just to support their family, or they could have done that only to fatten up their wallet, and then do it again to some poor family later.

    Scum like that needs only one punishment, permanent extermination. Besides, if I remember correctly, Timber Wolves are servants of Archangel, just like proxies are servants to IT.

    Looks like both of you got two creatures coming after you now, enjoy.

    - Mr. Incognito.

    1. Was unaware of that. Will be careful of individuals in gas masks. Granted, were already leery of such individuals anyway. So not much has changed.

    2. Not only that, if you see someone close to you who was killed, alive again, don't go close to them and don't follow them, just get the fuck out of there.

      - Mr. Incognito.