Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Echo probably don't want me to post this. I don't care right now. I ain't much of a psychologist, and that is what Echo needs right now... Ain't seen the Tall fella in a while now, but Echo? Poor guy see's him all the time. It. Whatever.

I get the feeling he see's It even when It ain't there. Scared of his own shadow at this point. What the hell can I do? I seen that thing too. I know how unnerving it is. Terrifying even... But I got no words that can fix this situation, and It ain't an animal I can put down. Trust me, I tried. My 12-Gauge passed right through It... Like he wasn't even there. I was no more than... Three feet away? Anything natural would have been dead. But this thing? It ain't natural and It ain't of this world. I dunno if it's the devil or some kinda demon... But it makes me feel powerless and useless. I wish I could stop that thing from terrorizing folks. But there ain't nothing I can do but run and try to keep anyone else running alive too. Maybe someone smarter than me will come up with something. Maybe even Echo. So I gotta keep him sane. 

So yeah, Echo saw It again. Staring at him from outside. It didn't come near him or anything, this time. Just stood there... Peering into him with that eyeless face. Arms spread open like he wants a big old hug. But that's death embrace right there. Cold and joyless.... Hear tell that the thing is mainly a child eater. God in heaven... Can you imagine it? How many kids walked into that hug and never came out? How many bodies torn apart and stuffed in bags for their parents to find? How many parents have to bury the half eaten remains of their children? It ain't right for a man or woman to bury their child like that. It just ain't right.

Wonder if that's where he goes when he's not following folks around or trying to tear their limbs off... Playgrounds. Schools. Just staring in those windows. The not so imaginary friend of many kids... Maybe that's why he wears that fancy suit. It ain't for work... That there's funeral clothes. Mark my words... Those kid's funerals have one extra visitor every time, just a staring at that coffin. Final farewell's a silent thank you note for a nice supper....

That thing needs to die.

-Not Echo


  1. I hugged Father, ONCE. Four years later, my brother DIED at the hands of a PSYCHOPATH who called himself our FRIENDS in a completely unrelated incident Father WAS NOT present for.



  2. "It ain't right!" "It ain't right!" WAH WAH WAH!

    Sheshush people, whats does it matter to you? I mean they would have died anyway, maybe not by my masters hands, but by something else, why am I so sure?

    Why kiddies, destruction is the destination of all things! So you better stop crying about all the horrors he had done, because really, it ain't really going to help ya buddy!

    In order ta lighten up yer mood, I utter this, you can hurt it, very badly.

    That is all I will say, I hate when everyone depicts my master as an invincible creature, pisses me the fuck off.

    - Kelevra.

    1. Do enlighten us. How can you hurt It?

    2. Oh, you would just love to know that, now wouldn't you?

      - Kelevra