Friday, February 1, 2013

Messed Up

This ain't a good start to our partnership. I really, really messed this one up. I was supposed to be keeping watch and maintaining all that voodoo and sciency stuff Echo planned to use on the Tall Fella if he showed up...

Well, long story short, he did. I was busy talking to the manager of the hotel we were staying at. I mean. I thought I was being smart about it. Told the manager, real friendly girl, to give us a call if some weird fellas showed up and started asking for us. Even told her a little white lie, may the lord forgive me, about why we were running from em. Come back to the room and find it trashed with Echo sprawled against the wall, bleeding real bad.

He was conscious, but... Rambling something weird. Got no idea if it had any meaning er if it was just gibberish. So I smacked him. Called his name. One of the people in the hotel came a running and I told him to call the EMS. When they came I told him I was talking to the manager when it all happened, and came back and found Echo like this.

Echo himself got real quiet after the EMS took him. When he finally got out of the hospital, he gave me an ear full about taking unnecessary risks and stuff. I'm sorry, but if your life is in jeopardy I'm not gonna just stand around and hope you get better just cause you wanna be all secretive like. He stayed kinda pissy all day... And here we are now. Still driving. Still can't say where to, or how far away we are from it...

Still I... Feel bad. I mean, maybe if I'd a stayed inside with him, this wouldn't of happened. Course he just tells me I woulda got hurt or killed too. Can't say it makes me feel better honestly.

Well... That'll be all the venting I do for today. Dunno when we'll post again. All depends on what happens when we get where we're going... I hope we make it safely.

-Not Echo


  1. I believe we never met, but thats not the point.

    Yes, you indeed fucked up, but honestly I don't blame you, most people miss IT, don't feel bad about it, at least you've learned a new lesson, which is never let your guard down, not even amongst really nice people.

    Echo was right, if you were in the room, you would also get hurt, maybe even worse, but that's how IT acts.

    Good to hear you guys are still alive, I wonder what Echo wanted to test on IT, seemed like it didn't work, or maybe it did, since Echo is still alive.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  2. Aww. Sounds like wittle wecho is actually a little attached to you. Isn't that wovely.

    Paranoid and meticulous as he is, to still be traveling with you after that little blunder has to indicate some sort of desperation born dependence.

    ...Or hes still gonna kill you for science and still hasn't found a secure place for the experiment.